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We live in an incredibly individualistic society, and, in this day and age, customers expect messages to be delivered in real-time, as well as personalised, in their format and communication channel of choice.

After all, the key to running a successful organisation is to treat each customer in their own right and build a personable customer relationship. 

If customers value accessible, convenient, and tailored experiences, organisations will have to find a way to deliver this service efficiently. Business automation and digital transformation are key to unlocking greater potential. 

A letter management system can turn complex communications problems into a streamlined, compliant, secure, and cost-efficient solution. 

This blog will cover: 

  • What letter management is
  • How it works
  • Its benefits and challenges
  • Why organisations should consider multichannel solutions

What is letter management?

Letter management is also commonly referred to as a mail management system or a document management system (DMS). 

A letter management system allows organisations to meet customer demands by creating a centralised process that digitalises, automates, converts and manages all your outbound communications. 

A wide range of documents are ideal for mail management; letters, invoices, statements, payslips, and more can be produced and distributed through a multichannel communication system

pile of documents for letter management system

Managing an inventory of hundreds of letter templates whilst seemingly ensuring quality control and data compliance can be a lengthy process. With a letter management system, you can take data from multiple systems and file formats for output across an array of different print and digital channels, without having to disrupt the internal structure of your organisation. 

How does a letter management system work?

A letter management system allows you to print and post your everyday letters and documents from the comfort of a consolidated system. This is especially useful for organisations that have a mix of remote and office-based employees. 

The entire process is automated, allowing you to electronically transfer outbound communication to a third-party printing and mailing specialist for production and distribution. Your digital files and templates are easily accessible and formattable, creating more consistent communications and a more productive workforce. 

The benefits of a letter management system 

Contributes to digital transformation

It’s highly unlikely for a modern organisation to rely solely on paper documents, as a lot of business is now conducted online, and digital transformation is the key to improving workplace inefficiencies.

Digital files are cheaper to store, easier to find, and faster to automate, which, overall, contributes to a more efficient organisation model.  

Enables personalisation for customers

Customers demand personalised experiences, and a mail management system makes it much easier to target your intended audience. Customising your content and communication channel with a letter management system is effortless.

Not only this, but mail management systems can take data and convert general messages into personalised content in whichever format you desire. 

Keeps communication clear

It’s difficult to keep communication consistent when you’re dealing with hundreds of documents dispatched to an array of individuals through various communication channels. 

letter management system delivering an email

Having a mail management system allows you to produce high-quality documents whilst keeping your communication clear and consistent. 

Documents and letters are delivered on time

Many documents are time-sensitive and delayed communications can potentially hinder relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees alike. A multichannel communication platform can help control the distribution of documents and ensure all messages are delivered and received on time.

Automated reminders can also recognise when important events, like appointments, are due and send follow up messages via the recipient’s preferred channel of communication. 

Improves customer experience

When your content is personal and easy to digest, the customer experience is instantly improved. 

Customers don’t like to perceive themselves as just another number, they want to be recognised as an individual with unique needs and preferences. Personalised content increases customer loyalty and drives sales, two important goals for any organisation. 

Automates a time-consuming task

For all organisations, large or small, time is money. Finding, producing, and distributing outbound communication can become a monotonous and time-consuming task, especially if your employees don’t have access to the technology they need.

Using a mail management and document automation system can help reduce manual labour by taking responsibility for the letter distribution process. 

Increases team productivity

The production and distribution of documents is a lengthy process with a significant margin for error. 

Streamlining and automating your communications process will free your staff from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their efforts on more important aspects of the organisation. Not only will you increase team productivity with a mail management system, but you’ll also boost efficiency. 

Increases employee morale and empowerment

When your employees feel productive and resourceful, they also feel empowered and valued. You can use online mail management services to boost staff morale as they spend more time conducting higher-value tasks rather than completing monotonous tasks.

happy employee after using a letter management system

A letter management system provides flexibility so your employees can receive and send communications from wherever they’re based. 

Saves money and increases revenue

When your organisational procedures are more efficient, you save money and increase your overall revenue. Reducing the margin for error, automating your procedures, and minimising waste all contribute to lower expenses. Not only this but having a more empowered and productive staff can also help boost your profits. 

Makes being compliant easy

Another factor that impedes productivity when printing and mailing your own documents is guaranteeing that all communication is compliant with data regulations and laws.

Online mail management services eliminate the possibility of a comms crisis by ensuring that all processed documents are GDPR compliant and posted in a secure ISO 27001 certified environment. 

The challenges of a letter management system

It’s important to analyse all new organisational procedures from both perspectives, and, as with all internal changes, a letter management system will present some difficulties. Although it’s always prudent to be made aware of challenges, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring options that could bring an abundance of benefits to your organisation.

Securing a new mail management system may incur some initial costs, however, you’re likely to see a quick return on investment when adopting a more digital approach.

You may also need to train your staff as they learn to use the new letter distribution process. However, upgrading your mailing process from a legacy system is one of the best things an organisation can do.

Another thing to consider when looking at mail management services is that it prioritises document security and compliance.

Why choose a multichannel solution?

In our day and age communication is critical, and online mail management services ensure you’ll never encounter a comms crisis again.

A multichannel communication solution such as Aceni can provide key features and all the advantages of a letter management system with minimal downfalls. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use, which eliminates the need for employee training. 

Aceni demo cta

You won’t need to worry about minimum orders or contracts. You’ll only be billed for the documents you upload and we take care of any production and distribution fees.

You can send a wide range of printed and digital documents from wherever you’re based, all you need to get started is an account, a connection to the internet and a file containing your documents. 

Final thoughts 

The pandemic has only accelerated the shift towards automated processes and digital transformation, so it’s wise to begin adapting your organisation to fit this new environment sooner rather than later.

Document management software is a great place to start. It’s incredibly easy to set up and it helps your organisation become more efficient and consistent in their communication processes. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Aceni or need some further advice with regards to letter management systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a demo