Our work in the community

Making a meaningful
contribution in the
communities we touch

We work to drive maximum positive impact and social value
from activities within local and client communities.

We recognise our business as an integral part of the communities we operate to help shape positive change in our immediate community and wider groups we interact with.

Datagraphic strives to positively impact society through our business activities, contracts or internal initiatives. We actively engage with our community stakeholders to listen to their needs and collaborate to address local challenges and opportunities.

SDG Flag Day

How can we enrich our communities?

Our social impact strategy is rooted in making a positive difference in our local communities and those of our valued customers and employees.

By participating in collaborative initiatives such as the UN Global Compact, community engagement projects, and purposeful actions with clients, we can enrich the well-being, growth, and resilience of the communities we touch.

We design initiatives and follow practices to promote sustainable development and mutual benefits, from donations of employee time, products and finance to the provision of employment, apprenticeship and service contracts.

The dedication to being responsible and contributing members of the communities we serve is at the heart of our commitment.

Our role as a positive influence

social impact pillars

We aim to work with our community stakeholders to:

  • Increase local engagement
  • Create a philanthropic culture that encourages and supports volunteering
  • Empower local and global communities in line with business decisions

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