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Making a greater positive
impact by working closely
with partner organisations

Working with our supply chain with an eye on more than profits.

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Conducting business ethically

For Datagraphic, the concept of corporate responsibility extends far beyond traditional business boundaries. This shift represents an opportunity to enhance our corporate ethos and collaborate with clients, suppliers and partner organisations to effect meaningful change.

We recognise the power to drive positive social change lies in our internal operations and in unlocking opportunities through strategic partnerships to encourage and amplify positive social impact in a powerful way to contribute to the community and society.

A meaningful supply chain

Datagraphic is committed to ensuring a robust and diverse supply chain. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation.

Partners are encouraged to seek ways to improve their social responsibility practices and collaborate with us to identify opportunities to work collaboratively on an ongoing basis.

Working collaboratively with partners

social impact pillars
  • Working with clients to understand their social value goals and how we can support them contractually.
  • Communicate achievements regularly.
  • Work in partnership with the suppliers to increase innovation in operations.

Furthermore, to remain focused, we report upstream and downstream activities to comply with the agreements of SBTi, BCorp and the UN Global Compact.

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