Intelligent communications
for finance teams

Communicating efficiently with suppliers, customers and employees is vital for your organisation’s financial well-being, but it’s a resource intensive task.

Achieving this, while ensuring prompt payment of invoices and keeping costs down, can be a fine balancing act.

How can we help you?

Datagraphic | Finance
Datagraphic | Finance

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A leading UK provider of secure document automation solutions, we’re helping countless finance professionals save time, money and resource.

Aceni by Datagraphic can take data from your existing systems to automate the production and delivery of your time-critical customer, supplier and employee facing documents.

Think of Aceni as giving your team a virtual print and post room and a secure online environment for people to view your financial documents. It’s the most efficient way to get invoices, statements and dunning letters issued sooner and by automating production you’ll release staff to focus on other tasks.

Benefits of document automation

Deliver accurate financial documents to the right person at the right time, and:

  • Use technology to drive faster payments and improve cash flow
  • Manage fluctuations in demand for documents
  • Be secure, with banking standard security for digital documents
  • Reduce queries, liberating your team to focus on other tasks
  • Have transparency, with an audit trail from production to receipt

Case Studies

What is Aceni?

Aceni by Datagraphic is the smart, secure and intelligent way to automate the production of your digital and printed customer, supplier and employee facing documents.

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