Aceni helps thinkmoney save 54 hours per month

thinkmoney is a UK-based banking services provider and nine times holder of the four star Fairbanking mark: in recognition of its Current Account as good for customers’ financial wellbeing.

The challenge

As a digital-first business, thinkmoney’s customers predominantly bank online, but a percentage of printed customer communications are still needed: on average, 40,000 documents each month.

The communications can take many forms, from letters, statements and welcome packs to supporting customers who need large print or braille versions.

Before working with Datagraphic as their print partner, the team at thinkmoney found managing printed customer communications a time-consuming task.

A prime example was the fulfilment of re-print account statements following a customer request. This was a manual process which involved searching within the banking system for the statement(s), printing each one, collecting from the printer and placing it in an envelope ready to mail.

Each request would take six minutes to action: which multiplied across a month amounted to a significant quantity of time.

The team began to feel conflicted completing the task.

They wanted to respond promptly to a customer’s query but felt distracted from helping more customers when repeatedly disrupted to print and mail documents.

Working with Datagraphic, thinkmoney created a system whereby the statements could be auto-generated based on a request and the production and distribution of the document fulfilled at Datagraphic’s UK production centre through the Aceni automated outbound mail service.

”Since implementation there have been no issues, and Aceni has not only saved time, but boosted morale within the team. It’s a massive benefit to automate printing and mailing as it allows our team to work 100% remotely.”

Steven Muirhead, Head of Operations

Results Achieved

  • 75% reduction in re-print account statement processing time.
  • 54 hours of staff time saved every month, compared to the previous manual process.
  • Marked improvement in staff morale, following removal of the repetitive task.
  • Easy solution to deploy, without changing banking software or having a negative impact on staff workflows.
  • Business costs reduced by 75%, thanks to improvements in production and mailing processes at Datagraphic.