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No license fees

Pay as you use Aceni, not per user or document click.

Early ROI

Early ROI

Implement Aceni in weeks not years and see returns much sooner.


Improve compliance

Meet regulatory and data protection needs with a proven UK partner.

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What is Aceni

What is Aceni?

Simply, Aceni by Datagraphic is a multichannel communication system that provides secure document automation for web, print, email and text communications.

Powerful and agile, it works with your existing systems – without you needing to install additional software or pay further license fees.

You’ll see the benefits of the automation process as soon as you start using Aceni and working with the Datagraphic team – a quick result without capital costs that will transform how you work.

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How does Aceni work?
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How does our multichannel communication system work?

Aceni automates the production and delivery of your customer, supplier and employee-facing communications.

How? Using data from your existing systems, it applies rules and logic to automate tasks. This means it can:

  • Identify how your recipient wants to receive their document and present it online, or print and post it to them
  • Send a copy of the document in a different way if your recipient doesn’t engage with the first communication
  • Create highly personalised documents by selecting appropriate letterheads, inserts and dynamic content

What does this mean for you? By automating manual tasks, you save time and staff resource, as your team will be able to focus on more high-value work.

Aceni En Track Documents PC

Communication control

Aceni takes over your outbound communications, and can:

  • Quarantine or hold documents with missing information so they can be approved before they’re sent
  • Prioritise urgent documents so they arrive sooner
  • Track documents, giving you an audit trail to support your compliance needs

That means you’ll have all the control of completing communication tasks manually – including sign-off and prioritisation – while saving time.

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Covers all your communications needs

The simplicity of a multichannel communication system means that, whether you’re communicating via web, print, email, hybrid mail or text, you can control everything through Aceni:

  • All your printing, from single letters to mailing packs – and you can scale production up or down as you need
  • Securely presenting documents online, including as individual web pages or feature-rich portals, that can be viewed on any device
  • Producing accessible documents in Braille and large print

This makes communicating with your customers, employees and stakeholders straightforward, however they like to be reached, as Aceni works with all of your communication channels. We understand how difficult and time consuming customer communication management can be.

Features and benefits

Take a look at Aceni’s features and benefits, and what they mean to you:

Features and Benefits | Datagraphic
  • No licence fees

    You won’t be charged licence fees because we don’t believe in them. That means you pay for the documents you output, so there are no surprise costs.

  • A consistent customer experience

    Because Aceni can consolidate data across different line-of-business systems, you’ll get consistent customer-facing documents across your channels.

  • Scalable document automation

    You’ll be able to scale your document automation up (or down) when you need to. Aceni removes the cost, resource and non-delivery risks around fluctuating demands.

  • Same day document processing

    Turn your data into customer-facing documents and present them online in minutes - or print and mail them the same day.

  • Automated control

    Get clear, accurate communications - and reduce the need for service errors - using Aceni’s logic, rules and document content controls.

  • Strategic insight

    Monitor costs, analyse engagement and improve future communications around your secure documents thanks to Aceni’s range of reports and audit trail.

  • One supplier, many channels

    Whether you’re printing and mailing information, sending text and email notifications or hosting documents securely online, having a multichannel communication system like Aceni makes it super easy to manage.

  • ROI in months

    Start reaping cost and time savings in a matter of months thanks to Aceni’s quick and easy implementation.

  • Quick and easy implementation

    There’s no need to install new software or run manual upgrades: Aceni fits around your existing systems. Document automation has never been so easy.

  • Superior security

    You can be confident that your data and documents are in safe hands because Aceni is protected by tough infrastructure in the UK.

  • Productivity gains

    Focus on higher value tasks thanks to Aceni. It automates fragmented, manual and repetitive processes so your documents are produced and delivered more quickly and accurately.

  • Expert support

    Get peace of mind knowing Aceni is powered by Datagraphic’s highly experienced technical experts who are here to support you at every stage of your document automation journey.

How to implement Aceni – your multichannel communication system

From the initial scope to going live and beyond, implementing Aceni is a joint effort between you and the Datagraphic team.

We’ll work with you to realise your project ideas and organise your document automation without the disruption of new software, hardware or having to recruit additional people.

Here’s how it works:

Step one

Defining the scope

Our team will work with you to review your current document processes, systems and data, including:

  • Document layouts
  • Your operational and production requirements
  • Identity data fields and queries
  • Print and digital output channels

Though there’s lots to review, our Aceni experts have a keen eye for detail and do this day in, day out, so you can rely on their knowledge and experience.

Step two


We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’; instead, we’ll set up a package of Aceni options around your specific needs.

Once implemented, you’ll have time to test and review your new multichannel communication system to make sure Aceni meets your needs.

Step three

Pre-launch and go live

And now for the best bit – the great communications that sit at the heart of everything we achieve together.

We’ll support you when it comes to telling your colleagues and stakeholders about Aceni and how to make the most of it.

And when you’re ready, we’ll agree on a go-live date and work together to achieve it.

Watch our video to hear one of our experts talking about helping a client through their Aceni journey.

If you’d like to know more about how Aceni can work for you, book a demo.

Aceni pricing

You won’t be charged for licence fees when you use Aceni. Instead, we set the system up to suit the documents you want to automate and the distribution channels you want to use.

We’ll then agree a sensible price for the options you select.

Features and Benefits | Datagraphic

Document Types:

Invoices, Customer Letters


100% Print & Post

Document Frequencies


Business processing Cost before Aceni:


Annual processing Cost with Aceni:


What’s included:

  • Use of Aceni Software
  • GDPR Compliant UK Data Processing
  • Document Printing
  • Postal Address & Mailing Pack Validation
  • Postage
  • Audit Report

Document Types:

Benefits Statements, Compliant Letters, Planning Letters, Refuse Collection Letters, Building Control Notifications, HR Letters and Finance Letters


100% Print & Post

Document Frequencies:

Weekly, Monthly & Annually

Business processing Cost before Aceni:


Annual processing Cost with Aceni:


What’s included:

  • Use of Aceni Software
  • GDPR Compliant UK Data Processing
  • Document Printing
  • Postal Address & Mailing Pack Validation
  • Postage
  • Audit Report

Document Types:

Statements, Remittances, Payslips P60s, P11Ds, Whiteslips, Dunning Letters, Adhoc Supplier Letters


98% Print & Post 2% Online

Document Frequencies:

Daily, Weekly & Annually

Business processing Cost before Aceni:


Annual processing Cost with Aceni:


What’s included:

  • Use of Aceni Software
  • GDPR Compliant UK Data Processing
  • Document Printing
  • Secure Web Portal Hosting
  • Online Documents
  • Email Alerts when a new document
  • is available online
  • Postal Address & Mailing Pack Validation
  • Postage
  • Audit Report

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Got a question about Aceni? Find the answer in our frequently asked questions.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for: use the live chat option on this screen and get an instant response (from a human!) – or by giving us a call.

  • What are the costs for Aceni?

    We tailor Aceni pricing to your needs. Some customers spend just a few hundred pounds each year, others hundreds of thousands. A typical cost breakdown consists of:

    • A set-up and implementation fee
    • A monthly service charge: for data/documents hosted online, which covers hosting, maintenance and standard system upgrades
    • A document charge for every one we print and mail or that is uploaded online.

    There is no software to buy, consultancy fees to pay or hardware to purchase so the cost of set-up and ownership is very competitive.

  • Is there a contract?

    Yes, but designed to your needs. The complexity of your project often defines the type and length of contract. For example a customer using Aceni to automate the printing of a hundred documents a month might opt for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ arrangement. But an Enterprise transmitting data for print and digital communications across many departments, might like the security of a 3 year contract.

  • What about license fees for using Aceni?

    There are no license fees, Aceni is Software-as-a-Service and you pay for each document you upload/print not per user or document viewed.

  • Is there a minimum order value?

    No. We can print and post just one document or deliver one document online.

  • Can I send reports or long documents for you to print and post?

    Yes. We recommend;

    • Documents under 15 pages mail in C5 envelopes.
    • Documents of 16-79 pages mail in C4 envelopes.

    Documents 80 pages and over are packed as needed and sent by next day packet post or courier.

  • Can I supply letter head paper and envelopes for printed documents?

    Yes you can. We do however recommend our ‘white-paper’ solution. We print your letterhead and document content at the same time, so you no longer need expensive letter headed paper. This cuts your stationery expenditure and the cost to ship and store letterhead paper.

    You can supply envelopes with your return address on or we can use ours and manage the returns for you.

  • Can you mail my documents overseas?

    Yes. No problem.

    Overseas organisations sending mail to the UK can also benefit. Documents can be uploaded anywhere in the world for printing and mailing locally in the UK: saving time and money.

  • Can you provide documents in other formats?

    Yes we produce large format documents and offer braille versions.

  • What is Aceni?

    Aceni is secure document automation. It enables you to automate, control and manage the production and distribution of time-critical customer and employee letters, via the channels of your choice: print and online.

  • How quickly can this be up and running?

    Days or weeks. If you have a simple print project and call today, you could be sending and saving with Aceni tomorrow. For projects that need a secure branded web portal and/or complex print projects with different configurations and enclosures, that needs longer to scope and deliver. In these cases we will always take time to understand your needs and provide an accurate timescale.

  • What documents can I send through Aceni?

    Our strength is delivering communications that are expected by your employees, customers or suppliers. These are documents, usually A4 in size, but not exclusively, that need to arrive by a given time. They contain personal, sensitive or transactional information so you need to entrust them to a supplier that is focused on data security and can deliver them quickly: online and by print and post. That’s us.

  • What level of visibility can you provide during production and when posted or online?

    Aceni offers options to track documents during the production and delivery processes and audit reports to help you with controls and compliance.

  • What levels of personalisation do you offer to improve engagement?

    Lots. Beyond standard contact details we can create dynamic documents in print and online that use different images, different blocks of content, varying enclosures. Our implementation experts can guide you through the options.

  • What support is available with Aceni?

    Lots. We’re very personable and at the end of the phone or email should you need us. Support is tailored to your project. We have dedicated account managers and experienced implementation teams to guide you at every stage. Features like live chat are also very popular with 98% of people getting answers to their questions and back to work in under 5 minutes.

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