Transforming inbound mail


Our client, a UK insurance company, operates as a digital-first business, with most of its claims processed via their mobile app and website. However, they regularly work with other insurance companies – that aren’t as tech-savvy – to process claims, which results in the need to regularly handle and process inbound mail in the form of paper-based copies of claims correspondence.

Processing most correspondence digitally, our client often exceeds customer expectations in the claim-to-resolution response time. However, their customer experience is compromised when paper-based information is supplied and needs to be manually processed.

The challenge

The fluctuating levels of inbound mail, operational focus on a digital-first approach, and high-growth customer acquisition targets was making it difficult for our client to accurately forecast operating costs, plus plan and manage resource levels for this unknown entity.

Our client, therefore, decided they needed a partner to manage and report on any inbound mail received in the post. They needed someone who could receive and process files within 24 hours without any delays or compromises to the customer experience or the expectations of other insurers.

Initially, when they reached out to Datagraphic they had concerns that their low amount of paper-based correspondence would mean the service wouldn’t not be available. However, when the two organisations met and discussed current and projected (and eventual) growth, it was clear Aceni’s inbound mail solution (powered by Datagraphic) would be ideal. It offered a solution that could be implemented and tested with the initially small volume of mail but one capable of scaling up at the same pace as the client’s growth aspirations.

The solution

Today Aceni, Datagraphic’s multichannel communication platform, is the client’s mail room and the only postal address the client issues to other insurance companies. The PO Box address is given as the UK Inbound Mail Centre address by the client to stakeholders to send correspondence. All Royal Mail managed post is received at our ISO 27001 certified secure site in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

We scan, index, and digitally forward all mail to the claims handling department the same working day it is received. We report and process any cheques we receive on the same working day too, enabling key information to be validated and applied to the correct claim immediately.

Any exceptions received in the mail are managed using an agreed exception process and expedited to a client key contact as a priority.

Since the service moved to Datagraphic, there has been a 400%+ increase in current average monthly mail volumes compared to the first three months of the service. Aceni’s inbound mail service has adapted seamlessly and worked efficiently throughout this growth period without any service disruption to the client’s business.


  • Removal of the inbound mail handling process from the client team means their agents can focus on customer services and claims handling rather than post management.
  • Physical inbound mail is turned into digital mail and perfectly fits the client’s digital-first philosophy.
  • The efficient service and low running costs help the client maintain profitability and improve customer satisfaction by keeping operating costs low to support keeping premiums down.
  • Physical inbound mail is processed more rapidly – the same working day within a 24-hour timeframe – removing delays in claims handling and improving the customer experience.

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