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Hybrid Mail: is it just a short term print and post solution or a key tool for long term productivity?

Imagine a world in which your normal routine had been left on pause, where your desk phone is now a mobile and your colleagues are wearing gym gear.

A world in which your working day depends on innovation and not your standard 9-5 tasks. And picture a time when the people and physical office equipment you rely on are miles away.

For organisations in 2020, Coronavirus has bought to life what was once unthinkable. Creating a need for everyone to work differently and embrace digital transformation and process automation.

In this reality, your short term focus has to shift to make sure vital business processes continue and become the priority. A prime example is the distribution of outbound customer, employee and supplier documents.

It’s never been more important for business-critical documents to arrive on time.

Customer confidence is strengthened when orders and queries are responded to rapidly. To maintain cash flow, Accounts Receivable teams need to distribute invoices and statements faster. And the employees who are working differently get the guidance, change letters and payroll information they need.

So how can your teams print and post these vital documents without the equipment and stationery they normally use?

Hybrid Mail is an instant win for team productivity

Applications like Aceni Hybrid Mail – an online print and post service – have become a lifeline for so many teams in recent times. Teams that have been waiting for ‘the right time’ to automate the production and distribution of their documents. Now, in less than 24 hours, they’ve been able to turn on Hybrid Mail accounts and upload documents in four quick steps. Documents which can then be printed automatically and mailed the same working day from Datagraphic’s GDPR compliant UK production centre.

Worrying about having enough people, office printers and resources to distribute documents is a thing of the past. Now, no matter where employees are, or however many documents they need to send, Aceni Hybrid Mail handles it.

Hybrid Mail delivers business-as-usual for the new normal

Although the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has been the catalyst for many organisations switching to Hybrid Mail solutions, it’s unlikely teams will move back. The productivity gains and cost savings seen, prove how much can be achieved, with less resource.

Hybrid Mail is set to be one of the key digital tools employees need: now and in the years ahead.