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Hybrid Mail your outbound mail service

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Hybrid Mail is here to help you automate the production and distribution of your outbound mail.

Quick to set up and easy to use, Hybrid Mail can take care of all the documents you would usually print and mail from the office or via your mailroom.

Here’s how Aceni Hybrid Mail works and how it can help you.

Understanding Aceni - Hybrid Mail

What is Aceni - Hybrid Mail?

Aceni Hybrid Mail is our GDPR-compliant online print and post service for outbound business mail, which you only need a computer and connection to the internet to use.

You can send letters and accompanying enclosures inserted with your letters to customers, employees and suppliers wherever you need to work from.

It’s popular for critical communications such as invoices and employee letters but is used for many different document types.

What does Aceni - Hybrid Mail cost?

We only charge for the documents you upload, and we print and mail through Hybrid Mail.

  • No fees to use our automation software
  • No contract for the service
  • No minimum order
  • No lengthy set-up
  • No training required

You can sign-up for a Hybrid Mail account today, and with direction from our team, send documents tomorrow.

And, if you decide Hybrid Mail isn’t useful, you can stop using it at any time.

How does Aceni - Hybrid Mail work?

We’ve put together below a short video demo of how Hybrid Mail works.

Our team are happy to give you more details on a screen-sharing session if you need it.

To get started, all you need is the following:

  • A connection to the internet;
  • A Hybrid Mail account;
  • And a file containing your letter/letters

For less than the cost of a stamp, we can print, pack and post your letter – all from our UK production centre, which is ISO 27001-approved and GDPR compliant.


Here's a 3 minute demo

We’ve put together a simple Hybrid Mail workflow to show you how easy it is to use.

There are many more features we can show you, but we know to get started, you just need to understand the essentials.

If you feel our Hybrid Mail solution can help you deliver letters, please request a demo, and one of our experts will call you.

We’re here to help and can set up an account and guide you through your first mailing.

Ready to use Hybrid Mail?

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