What is Aceni?

A multichannel communication system – providing secure document automation for web, print, email and text communications.

So powerful, Aceni by Datagraphic is agile enough to work with your existing systems: without software to install or license fees to pay.

A true multichannel communication system. Using Aceni and working with our experts at Datagraphic will open your eyes to the digital transformation and process automation that can be achieved quickly without capital costs: and the amazing results from our customers prove it.

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Aceni automates

Aceni can automate the production and delivery of your customer, supplier and employee facing communications.

Using data and documents from your existing systems, Aceni can apply rules and logic to automate time consuming and repetitive tasks. For example, Aceni can:

  • Identify from your data a recipient’s channel preference and automatically present their document online or print and post it.
  • Automate sending a copy document via a different channel if your recipient doesn’t engage with the first communication.
  • Select the appropriate letterheads, inserts and dynamic content, to create highly personalised documents.

Aceni controls

Using a multichannel communication system like Aceni, you’ll be outsourcing the production and distribution of some or all of your outbound communications to Datagraphic, but you’ll have even greater control. Aceni can:

  • Quarantine documents which are missing information or hold them for manager approval before despatch.
  • Prioritise documents that need to arrive quickly and mail them to arrive sooner.
  • Track documents to provide an audit trail of document production to support your compliance needs.
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Aceni outputs

Web, print, email or text, Aceni provides you with multi channel communications through one supplier without the cost or disruption of software or hardware change projects. Aceni can;

  • Print from 1 or 1 million documents a day (single letters or complex mailing packs) scaling production up or down as you need.
  • Securely present, as an individual web-page or feature-rich portal, documents online, that recipients can view from any connected device.
  • Produce accessible documents in Braille and large format.

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