Features & benefits

Scalability, robust security, efficiency, cost savings and more.

Aceni delivers everything you need in a document automation solution, plus some impressive standout features and benefits.

Features and Benefits | Datagraphic

Features that make Aceni special

  • No Licence fees

    We don’t believe in licence fees, so with Aceni there isn’t any. None. That means no surprise costs as you pay for the documents you output and not per user or document click.

  • A consistent customer experience

    Aceni can consolidate fragmented data in different back-office systems to give your customer-facing documents consistency across one or many channels.

  • Scalable document automation

    Aceni removes the cost, resource and non-delivery risks around fluctuating document demands. Giving you the flexible capacity you need to scale up (or down) document automation at peak periods or for seasonal increases.

  • Same day document processing

    Aceni processes information quickly. It can turn your data in to customer-facing documents and present them online in minutes or print and mail paper versions the same day.

  • Automated control

    Aceni can apply logic, rules and content controls to documents ahead of distribution. The result, clear, accurate communications - reducing the need to service errors.

  • Aceni adds strategic insight

    Aceni gives you access to a range of reports and an audit trail for secure document production, so that you can monitor costs, analyse engagement and improve future communications.

Benefits Aceni delivers

  • One supplier, many channels

    Aceni makes managing multi-channel communications easy. You only need one supplier (that’s us) and one set of data and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether that’s printing and mailing information, sending text and email notifications or hosting documents securely online.

  • A ROI in months

    Aceni can be implemented in weeks not years: across your organisation on day one or scaled up from a single document test. This means you could start reaping cost and time savings in a matter of months.

  • Quick and easy implementation

    Aceni fits around your existing systems, with no software to install and instant access to upgrades – document automation has never been so easy.

  • Superior security

    Aceni is protected by a tough infrastructure in the UK. So you can be confident your data and documents are in safe hands.

  • Productivity gains

    Aceni automates fragmented, manual and repetitive processes, so documents can be produced and delivered quicker and more accurately, liberating you and your team(s) to focus on higher value tasks.

  • Expert support

    Aceni is powered by Datagraphic’s highly experienced technical experts, ready to support you at every stage of your document automation journey.

How easy is
Aceni to implement?

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