Expanding channel choices with messaging partner


Datagraphic teams up with Telsolutions to offer more services to clients for revenue collection and customer engagement communications.

Hertfordshire based Telsolutions is renowned for highly effective digital messaging solutions in local government and finance teams.

Having worked together for many years, Telsolutions and Datagraphic share an appetite for innovation, agility and best value. Whilst holding many of the same recognised Standards on data security and service levels.

Over the past year, both organisations have seen rising demand for multi-channel communications from revenue collection and credit teams. This partnership will make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for clients to deliver digital transformation seamlessly across all their digital and print communication channels.

Datagraphic’s Business Development Manager, Adele Tomlinson, comments:

Adele Tomlinson - Datagraphic“Given the economic outlook, organisations are understandably reviewing their income¬†recovery processes.

Traditionally, physical payment letters and/or text messages have often been sent in isolation and without intelligence on a customer’s ability to pay. This approach can limit results and may even distress customers at difficult times.

By aligning Telsolutions digital messaging solutions with Datagraphic’s Aceni Hybrid Mail and eDocument delivery options, we can better help clients focus their resources on effective customer contact strategies, and deliver more favourable outcomes.

From a single data file, clients can automate all their digital and print communications. We’ll tailor the best mix of channels for their needs throughout the whole process, and without the need for further manual intervention

For example, we can automate outbound reminders on or ahead of key payment dates using a mix of print, email, SMS and eDocuments. We can send surveys as SMS Webforms, specifically designed to capture intelligence on a customer’s ability to pay. And, guide those who need it to appropriate support.

We can significantly reduce inbound calls to contact centres by introducing Chatbots and AI to process repetitive requests, so client services teams are free to support customers with more complex needs.

Vitally, where customers opt for a mix of Telsolutions and Datagraphic services, we’ll have advanced analytics and intelligence for all communication channels used. These powerful insights will help teams make better decisions and give more accurate information on an organisation’s debt position.”

Daniel Pearce, Director of Business Development at Telsolutions, adds:

DP“We know many organisations are on a digital transformation journey, and we want to help them achieve their goals in the most efficient way.

Combining the different channel strengths of Telsolutions and Datagraphic will be such a benefit to clients. They can gain access to physical production capabilities at Datagraphic and digital messaging expertise with ourselves. We’ll deliver real multichannel communications for customers seamlessly.”

If you would like more information on Datagraphic and Telsolutions partnership, please contact Adele Tomlinson by calling +44 (0)1246 543000 or fill in a contact form here.