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ISO/IEC 27001 (ISO 27001:2013) is an information security Standard, and is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). Our ISO 27001 accreditation demonstrates we follow international information security best practices and we use it for our secure document solutions. Below, we highlight three major advantages for being ISO 27001 certified and explain how these can directly benefit you as a customer.

1. Quality assurance

With a suitable ISO 27001 certified company, you can be assured there is always a guaranteed level of quality. Due to the rigid framework that Datagraphic has to follow with ISO 27001 and the constant quality checks that we carry out throughout the business, an unrivalled level of quality is always ensured.

2. IT alignment of the business processes

ISO 27001 requires a stringent IT alignment of the business activities. A better IT alignment therefore means increased efficiency in business processes resulting in quicker response times for you and an overall reduction of costs.

3. Avoidance and mitigation of damages

Without the level of security that ISO 27001 brings, the threat of a security breach is heightened. A breach will not just affect sales, but will always cause effects on customer loyalty and brand equity too (as seen with the cyber attack on the TalkTalk website). When a company is ISO 27001 certified, a security breach is less likely or can be tracked down at the very early stages, mitigating any potential damages. The ISO 27001 implementation also requires the organisation to have Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans in place if such rare security breaches were to happen – so you can be reassured that if the worst happens, your documents can still be delivered.

At Datagraphic, our customers trust us to digitally present (and print) documents that really matter to people – such as payslips, financial statements and medical letters – so data security has to be at the core of everything we do. Learn more about our data security practices here.