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As organisations develop digital transformation strategies, department leaders are being asked to support business automation projects with new technologies and ways of working.

If you and your team are starting this process, you’ll want to seek out different automation technologies and learn the business benefits they bring.

In the infographic below, we share some high-level business automation questions you’ll want to consider.

Business Automation Think Big Start Small Infographic


Think big on digital transformation but start small

Whilst it’s vital to understand your organisation’s digital transformation goals, the range of opportunities for automation can be overwhelming.

At Datagraphic, our mantra is to think big but start small. It’s about answering the questions in the infographic but recognising that digital transformation is most effective when done in measurable steps.

Good examples areĀ Transport for London and thinkmoney. They’re reporting great productivity improvements from automation by working with our team on specific employee and customer communication projects.

Learn more about business automation

If you’re a department manager or leader with business automation questions to answer, boost your knowledge by reading our Guide: The Benefits of Business Automation.