Transport for London save 160 days annually in administration time via Epay

Transport for London is the integrated transport authority responsible for the day-to-day operation of London’s public transport network and management of London’s main roads.

With over 26,000 staff across multiple locations, the payroll team is responsible for processing over 400,000 payslips, P60s and P45s annually for weekly, 4 weekly and monthly paid staff.


Before delivering online payslips to employees, the payroll team at Transport for London used to print and post payslips to employees via their internal mail system and a proportion through Royal Mail. Due to the high volume of payroll documents produced weekly, 4 weekly and monthly, the team found the process very resource-intensive.

Transport for London needed a solution that would save them time and resources and offer a more secure way for employees to access their pay documents. Plus, during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working members of the team – with limited access to printers – needed a reliable digital solution to make sure employees received their payslips on time.

The Solution

Transport for London chose Datagraphic’s Epay solution to automate the production and distribution of online payslips, P60s and P45s.

Not only have the team saved time and money, they now provide an excellent employee experience. Epay works with their existing systems, so employees can Single Sign-On (SSO) to Epay through their rewards platform. This means they only have to sign in once to access all their employee documents. SSO is great for employees, having access to their information all in one place, and for the payroll team, who have seen increased engagement with all HR and payroll documents.

Using Epay, the payroll team no longer prints any payslips, P60s or P45s – they are 100% digital.  Employees have 24-hour access to their pay documents giving them access to view their information at any time.

One of the key drivers for choosing Epay was how easy and simple employees would find it to use. And there are no licence fees to use it, so all employees (office-based, remote and temporary) have access to their payslips on any device at any time.

Key Benefits

The payroll team at Transport for London have noticed several benefits since using Epay:

  • 160 days saved annually in administration time. The payroll team no longer spend time manually printing and distributing pay documents to employees.
  • Cost-savings made through a reduction in stationery, printing and postage.
  • Fierce protection of employee data. The payroll team have peace of mind knowing they are using a trusted and proven supplier to deliver documents that contain personal and financial data.
  • A great employee experience, delivered through an interactive and engaging online portal. Which is available to all employees using any internet-connected device.

With the time saved, the payroll team has focused on other important tasks, adding more value to the organisation.

From the very start, the Epay team at Datagraphic have been very professional, providing excellent customer service and always going the extra mile. They are innovative and forward-thinking and always coming up with solutions to my problems.

Using Epay, we have saved time and money, which means our team can focus more on value-added activities.”

Colin Turner, Employee Payments Delivery Lead, Transport for London.