Aceni solution to update contact records

Finding a solution to update contact records

When a UK client in the construction industry needed a tool to update contact records for 20,000 pension members, they turned to Aceni, Datagraphic’s multichannel communications platform.

The problem 

Initially, the client required a mailing solution to encourage recipients to update any changes to their personal information.

The task was considerable and time-sensitive, given the volume of contact records. In addition, depending on whether the recipient was active or deferred status, they needed different information attached to their mailing pack.

Each pack included:

  • An introductory letter
  • Consent questionnaire with a Business Reply Envelope (BRE) (pre-paid for the UK)
  • Information about the online employee portal, Epay (powered by Datagraphic), to remind every recipient how easily they could access their documentation via the portal
  • P60 (only applicable to the active pensioner’s pack)

The pension team would then have to manually process and collate all returned consent questionnaires to update the records.

Rethinking the process  

Datagraphic proposed its solution to update contact records with the Aceni platform to automate the outbound and inbound mail processes.

Initially, the team at Datagraphic printed and mailed 20,000 packs to UK and overseas addresses (12,000 active pensioners and 8,000 deferred). Each pack used a specific Datagraphic PO Box return address at the inbound processing hub in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

The questionnaire was designed to provide pensioners with a summary of their key personal details already held, and the opportunity to make changes or updates:

  • Changes to their personal details
  • Confirmation of beneficiary details
  • Email and mobile contact details
  • Preference for future communications (print and/or digital)
  • UK GDPR consent

By rethinking the form layout, Datagraphic maximised the automated capture of the responses, ensuring it was still easy for the recipients to understand and complete. Furthermore, the P60s of active questionnaire recipients were included in the same mailing to maximise the value of each mailing pack: saving postage costs.

The automated tool to update contact records

Once received at the inbound centre, Datagraphic opened, sorted and scanned the questionnaires to produce a digital image of each document. Key data fields were validated, and any additional handwritten information was captured to upload into the client’s database. 

Datagraphic managed all inbound activity and reporting of pension responses and provided the client with digitised copies (text searchable) weekly.

In doing so, the client’s pension team could quickly identify responses and determine where further communication was needed. For example, to send a change of address and Power of Attorney details. 

Any pensioners requesting to be enrolled on the Epay online employee portal were then set-up using the information captured. From the client’s perspective, they reduced their environmental impact and facilitated more efficient communication with members.

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