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Royal Mail pricing for 2017

On Monday 27th March 2017,  Royal Mail increased the cost of standard First and Second Class stamps, for letters weighing up to 100g, to 65p and 56p respectively. Franked mail also increased with standard First Class going up to 57p and Second Class items 41p.

The real cost to business

At a time when organisations are working hard to reduce or control operating costs, any increase in fulfilment prices adds further pressure. We are confident organisations will want to avoid that pressure and so through our print resellers provide a number of suggestions for reducing document fulfilment costs, here are just a few:

Aceni for everyday documents

Industry experts suggest, printing, collating and mailing everyday business documents could cost around £1.16 per item: when you consider printer, stationery, franking machine, labour and postage costs. Aceni allows users to upload documents securely from their desktop computer to our server. We then collect the documents, and print and distribute for you. Pricing for Aceni’s print and post services start at just 40p plus VAT, that’s to print, pack and post a document.

Drive down the cost of complex business mailings

Switch document printing from in-house to our print outsourcing service and benefit from the reduced mailing costs we can secure as a volume producer.

We also use one of the UK’s leading DownStream Access (DSA) suppliers for the collection, sortation and part distribution of our mail. Working with a DSA provider allows us to offer two – three day delivery services and competitive mailing rates with the benefit of using Royal Mail postal workers for the final mile of delivery to present a consistent service to the recipient.

The savings available vary – based on volume – but we are confident that reductions of around 30% can be achieved simply by switching to our print outsourcing service and using our DSA supplier.