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It’s likely each member of your team prints and posts at least 4 – 10 documents per day from their desktop computer to a local office printer. But, without an efficient way of controlling these documents, costs spiral, quality degenerates and resources are wasted. Paperless printing for enterprises is really quite simple. It’s removing the need for traditional, internal print hardware and instead, taking advantage of more intuitive, cloud-based solutions that are available.

Why paperless printing?

There are many reasons why businesses are choosing paperless solutions, including:

1. Cost
Printing is an expensive process and can be notoriously difficult to control. Many of the costs aren’t as obvious as the actual printer and paper spend. Ink and toner must also be kept in good supply and, as printers often break, maintenance and over time new machines must also be considered cost factors. If documents being printed need to be sent to employees or customers there are also expenses in envelopes, franking and stamps. Moreover, these costs are notoriously difficult to monitor and businesses often have little knowledge of the volume of print being produced in their offices.

2. Space
Office space and property isn’t cheap, in fact it’s only getting more costly. So, businesses are increasingly looking at ways to reduce their office space and therefore drive down property payments. An easy way to do this is condensing floor plans and getting rid of any unnecessary, bulky machinery – goodbye office printer, hello paperless printing.

3. Security
In addition to paperless printing being a cutback tool, it is also helping businesses be more secure. When paper documents are printed they are vulnerable. They can be misplaced, picked up by the wrong person, and if the document contains sensitive information, businesses need to uphold data privacy obligations.

Cloud-based printing

Paperless printing solutions such as Datagraphic’s Aceni can help companies cut back and drive down outgoing costs by potentially 30%. By simply uploading a mail merged PDF straight to Aceni from a desktop or laptop, documents can be printed, enveloped and posted for less than the price of a second class stamp.

A paperless printing method, Aceni, can be installed in days. Get started or simply find out more by requesting a free, no obligation demonstration.