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How to deliver printed communications on demand

We’re a social generation. But an increasingly impatient one too; especially when it involves access to our personal information. Digital methods of communication have allowed us to access what we want, where we want it, within milliseconds, straight from our fingertips.

The mass expansion in digital communication has resulted in pressure on the print medium to respond with the same speed and precision. Yet with the complexity of print arguably much greater in comparison to digital, responding to customers through this channel has often become an operational burden and a difficult business challenge.

Print equality

Given the hectic pace of the world around us, information needs to be accessed quickly. If you’re using print as your medium to communicate then the need for print on demand is as great as it has ever been. Consumers don’t distinguish between channels. Just because you’re sending information through print, doesn’t mean that it can arrive a week later than an email.

Not only that, customers are demanding organisations speak with them on a much more personal level. They like to feel valued, with relevant, timely, personalised communications and not just a number in a database.

But demands are changing internally too.

Increasingly, organisations are exploring ways to streamline business processes resulting in the creation of shared services teams. As a result, organisations are producing customer documents that require multiple messages to be displayed. This then creates pressure on the composition of such documents, adding complexity for internal teams, especially when working to legal deadlines.

So here’s the dilemma. You know you need to offer printed communications that are personalised and timely. You know the complexity of messaging is getting greater. Yet, with tighter budgets and in-house equipment that is costly to update or renew, how can you keep pace with the ever growing need to provide print on demand?

Print smarter

According to research – in-house printers simply cannot keep pace.

Printing on demand enables communications to be composed and delivered as and when they’re needed, reaching customers quicker and eliminating the need for internal resource.

By simply supplying data, organisations can deliver quality printed documents with engaging personalisation at pleasing costs. The ability to print on demand makes it easy to print the same day and respond to customers the next day, communicating timely and personalised printed information.

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