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Whether it’s correspondence with customers, invoicing suppliers, or employee documents, there’s no doubt that communication is at the heart of every organisation.

We live and operate in a predominantly digital world and know exactly how we want to receive time-critical communication. However, recent research carried out by JICMail, and DMA (Data and Marketing Association) suggests a shift towards a more phygital world – where mail is now driving “significant physical and digital brand experiences” (Source – JICMAIL: Mind the Measurement Gap).

Creating and managing a phygital experience

The challenge if your team is responsible for processing outbound and/or inbound mail is delivering that phygital experience. To support recipient engagement across multiple channels often means managing multiple suppliers. Suppliers who each deliver a communication service from printing and mailing letters to email and SMS delivery and hosting eDocuments online. Whilst this fragmented approach to the recipient can deliver the service they need, behind the scenes, your team often experience a greater workload, from protecting data shared with different suppliers to filtering information to different channels as each recipient’s needs change.

Work smarter, not harder

Given this background situation, it’s no surprise then, that teams are adding Datagraphic’s multichannel communications platform, Aceni, to their team. Aceni covers many physical and digital touchpoints and offers seamless communication through the recipient’s preferred channel/s. In fact, with Aceni, adopting the phygital concept is quick and straightforward.

Aceni makes time-critical communication happen by automating your outbound and inbound mail processes – physical and digital – in one place.

Teams using Aceni love the increased communication control, security and compliance and many other benefits. If you’re wondering whether Aceni would work for you, read on to discover more, specifically what you could achieve:

Aceni solves your outbound mail needs

Processing outbound mail in-house is resource intensive; you need to have enough staff to prepare and send the mail, which (when the quantity you send fluctuates) can make having the right resources in place difficult. The result is mail can often be delayed, and there’s always a risk of human errors when teams are pressured to process information quickly and manually.

There’s also the cost of sending mail. At Datagraphic, we’ve found that many organisations pay more than they need for postage. Often this is because they’re not sending enough physical mail daily to benefit from Royal Mail’s discounted rates. With Aceni’s outbound solution, you can reduce costs and speed up delivery. How? We print, collate, envelope and post your outgoing mail. Depending on the rules you want in place, Aceni can also extract information from your existing documents to generate digital eDocuments, emails and text notifications for delivery of information via a secure online hub. And any mail you send, whether one letter or hundreds of thousands of items, is all consolidated with our daily collection volume, so you receive the best possible postage price.

Aceni streamlines your inbound mail needs

Beyond sending our communications, the next challenge is managing the varying number of responses you receive back. A digital mailroom can capture information from typed or handwritten incoming paper-based documents and forms, automating time-consuming mail opening and data entry tasks.

At Datagraphic, clients using our Aceni inbound solution don’t worry about incoming mail. They’re free to focus on tasks that matter to them most. That’s because our Aceni inbound team open, prepare, sort, scan and index incoming documents and create digital files and data that are accessible online 24/7.

Driving success!

“We take pride in the outbound and inbound solutions we offer to our clients. Agility and flexibility are an integral part of our worlds, and we’re proud to have a multichannel communications platform that allows clients to deliver successfully”

Greg Burnham, Aceni Product Manager

Choose Aceni

Aceni’s logic, rules and document content controls minimise errors, and set-up is quick and easy as there’s no need to install new software or run manual upgrades: Aceni simply fits around your existing systems. Working with similar organisations, we understand that the mail volume you handle can fluctuate; that’s why Aceni is designed to be flexible with demand, so you can scale up or down as needed.


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