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Datagraphic is committed to recognising and encouraging its employees, particularly those who make a difference in an underrepresented field, such as women in tech. As an inclusive business, we treat people fairly and equally and support employees, whatever their career aspirations.

That’s why we are proud to highlight one of our employees who continues to buck the trend for women in tech and inspire more girls to work in data and science.

Meet Jess

Qualified programmer Jessica Maher is a driving force behind numerous innovative projects in her role as a Technical Product Executive in the Datagraphic product team.

Jessica Maher

In a traditionally male-dominated field, Jess showcases technical prowess, resilience, and leadership. She embodies the spirit of empowerment for women in tech.

Jess’ journey in data science reflects her unwavering passion for challenging norms. Starting her career later in life as a mother to girls, she completed a computer science course where only 2% of students were women.

31% of core STEM students in Higher Education in the UK are women or non-binary

Undeterred by the male-dominated lecture theatre, Jess was even more determined to show what women can do. Her positive attitude led her to excel. Following consistently high grades, she ultimately received the Ada Lovelace scholarship from Coventry University.

Jess’ perspective on women in tech

Reflecting on her experience, Jess strongly believes in showcasing women as positive role models. She notes the persistence of stereotypes and stigmas and advocates for change in breaking down gender barriers.

“We need to show that women are succeeding as positive role models. Stigmas and stereotyping from a young age carry on in life. During my studies, I saw a difference in what my daughters were learning at school, so returning to education was an eye-opener. Things need to change, and they are, but it’s slow.” – Jessica Maher

In the spirit of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we celebrate Jessica’s achievements and impact on Datagraphic’s data-driven business. Contributing to complex client integrations and delivering digital transformation projects, Jess has become a role model for aspiring women in STEM subjects, proving that gender should never be a barrier to success.

Championing diversity and inclusion

At Datagraphic, the traditional gender imbalance has no place, with a 47:53 female-to-male split.

We foster a workplace that values diversity and inclusion, recognising that a diverse team brings unique perspectives that drive innovation. Jess exemplifies the success of embracing a varied workforce, and we proudly consider her an ambassador for women in science at Datagraphic.

Looking ahead

As we celebrate the achievements of exceptional women like Jess, Datagraphic remains steadfast in creating an inclusive environment. Regardless of background, everyone can thrive and contribute to a meaningful and rewarding career.

Together, we can continue to break down barriers and pave the way for a more diverse and empowered future in the world of technology.

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