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In times of crisis, some customer communications are more vital than ever, as one client explains.

On a recent video call with Richard Johnson, Marketing and Acquisitions Director at Robin Hood Energy, we talked about the importance of customer communications during a crisis and asked if Datagraphic is supporting him at this time.

In this short video, Richard explains the importance of being able to quickly print and mail customer communications during COVID-19 and why he doesn’t worry about it happening when working with Datagraphic.

The importance of Customer Communications

Richard says: “Communication is really important and it’s important to Robin Hood Energy.

A lot of our customers are on pre-payment meters and in the event of social distancing coming in, a lot of these customers could have gone off supply if their local PayPoint shop closed.

So we met a few weeks before the COVID-19 measures came in, and within 24 hours of our meeting, Datagraphic got a mailing out to 15,000 of our pre-payment customers, to advise them to top up if they possibly could, in the event of full social distancing measures being implemented.

That was a quick and pain-free process. We followed normal procedures and Datagraphic did it to their normal standard.

As a supplier at this time, Datagraphic has been one of the best we could have ever worked with really.

“They are one of the most important suppliers because
our bills drive revenue back into the business and our sales packs are contractual and legal.”

So we had to ensure everything was in place and we could continue in the event of a full lockdown.

I sent one email which was pretty much can you let me know what your business continuity plans were. Within a day that came back from Datagraphic saying this is what’s going to happen.

The best compliment I can pay to them is I’ve never really had to think about it during the lockdown. We’ve been in locked down for 8 weeks and nothing has changed from what I can see from our service.

So, sat in my office now, which I am and actually to the outside world and our fulfilment streams COVID-19 hasn’t actually happened and I think that’s a huge compliment to the work that Datagraphic have put in to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible.

I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done during this time, because they’ve made my life easy, and I guess that’s what you want out of your supplier.”

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