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Cloud technology – The five big questions

It’s no secret that Cloud technology has grown phenomenally in the last decade, and adoption doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon. In fact, according to some industry analysts, Cloud adoption could reach a staggering 80 to 90 per cent of applications in five to ten years’ time.

But despite this rapid rise, many business people are still unsure about what the Cloud actually is, what it has to offer and crucially, how secure it is.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the top five questions we get asked about the Cloud to provide some much needed clarity.


Q1: What exactly is the Cloud?

A: It’s really not that unusual to ask this question. In job roles outside of IT, it’s understandably not an everyday term, so some people don’t know what the Cloud is, and that’s OK.

Cloud technology is on-demand computing access with all the components in a remote location. In fact, you’re probably already using Cloud technology for internet-based software services such as email, file storage drives like Dropbox and social media (or our Aceni or Epay services).

Q2: Is the Cloud secure?

A: It’s a question that dominates most conversations about the Cloud – and rightly so. Because Cloud technology can be used to process and store an organisation’s sensitive data off-site, robust security is absolutely business-critical. So, is the Cloud secure enough to handle your organisational and customer data?

In a nutshell – it has to be.

When you consider that a security breach is the biggest risk to any Cloud hosting provider, it’s little wonder why Cloud vendors have invested so much time, knowledge and money into Cloud security in recent years. And the good news is that this investment is only going to increase as new technologies are explored in the future. It’s safe to say that the scale of this investment often outweighs any in-house IT equivalent.

Cloud vendors also possess exceptionally tight security controls, data encryption and professional expertise too, which means that in all likelihood hosting your data in the Cloud may actually be more secure than your existing office based systems.

Q3: How flexible is the Cloud?

A: Modern organisations are constantly looking for solutions that can flex around their needs and grow with their business. A clear benefit of the Cloud is exactly that – flexible, modular and incredibly scalable. What’s more, all this can be achieved without heavy investment in capital costs.

Using Cloud services also removes location and device dependency for staff and customers alike. Simply having an internet connection can make software accessible, with remote access meaning that not only is the Cloud a flexible solution in itself, it can also give your people more freedom and more control in their day-to-day working lives.

Q4:  Will I still Comply with data protection laws if I use the Cloud?

Meeting compliance, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is of course always going to be a top priority for organisations.  Suffice to say, the need to be compliant is just as important to any organisation offering Cloud-based services too.

When partnering with a provider, it’s important to check their data security credentials and their approach to meeting regulatory compliance. Ultimately, organisations need a solid understanding of where the data is stored and who is responsible for looking after it – remember, it’s still your data.

A good Cloud services provider should also be able to demonstrate a proactive approach in ensuring the latest security compliance requirements are met.

Q5: Does it cost more to run services via the Cloud?

A: It’s a common perception that services which use Cloud technology are expensive, but the truth is it can be very cost effective – particularly long-term. Cloud technology solutions can replace sizeable upfront software and infrastructure investments with more cash flow friendly monthly payments. It’s also worth noting that access to security and essential product updates are often included in the fixed fees, so your team will always be up to date without the cost or disruption of on-going maintenance.


Here at Datagraphic, we adopt the latest secure Cloud technology to bring our customers the best in document automation and digital employee communications. If you’re at the point of having more questions than answers about buying into a Cloud-based service, don’t worry – it’s completely normal. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have so why not get in touch with us via our live chat service below, or click here for our contact details.