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Transactional documents are important and you need your customers to respond

Transactional documents often require an action on behalf of the recipient, but far too often these documents go unattended, resulting in organisations spending thousands of unnecessary pounds chasing recipients up.

Here are our six top tips to create winning transactional documents.

1. Make it personal
Transactional documents should go beyond essential data that’s naturally displayed in the letter. Drive response by leveraging customer data to tailor targeted messages. For example, if the statement you’re sending shows an overdue payment? Why not include a tailored transactional message that offers guidance to help with late payments? Similarly, why not include an advert into your transactional mailing and reduce the need for standalone direct marketing communications? Using QR codes and Personalised URLs are techniques that can help deliver richer, more interactive communications.

“95% of recipients open transactional documents compared to just 10% of direct marketing mailings”

2. Mix up the format
Customers engage better when documents are designed well. Mix up the page format. Round the corners of boxes. Underline certain words, increase the sizing of others. Why not include imagery into your document? Images really do say a thousand words and with people receiving, on average, 105,000 messages each day, an engaging image to look at can be a welcomed alternative.

3. Add some colour

Just as the format of important documents should have a face lift, so should the colour. It’s estimated that between 62% and 90% of judgements are made as a direct result of colour. Composing documents in just black and white may well be having a negative impact on your customers’ ability to process and store information.

By injecting some colour, you can ensure that not only will your documents be read, but they’ll be retained too. Colour is also a strong mood-changer in transactional communications. Why not improve the state of mind of your customers by adding more colour to documents?  If you do that, their relationship with you will deepen and the chance of a response, increase.

If you’re unsure how you could incorporate colour into your communications, then at least make your logo coloured. Studies have shown that leveraging the colours in a company’s logo can increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

4. Check, double check, triple check
You’re dealing with sensitive and often financial data. We’re all human and mistakes do happen. But data is so personal that it’s imperative when delivering communications of a transactional nature, you’re doing everything possible to mitigate the chance of things going wrong and ultimately ensuring total data integrity. There is nothing worse than delivering the wrong statement to the wrong person. Data protection has long been on the agenda, with so many infamous data breaches, but a spotlight is on organisations just now, ahead of the GDPR, so it’s vital to have an effective approvals process in place.

5. Deliver documents on time
Transactional documents cannot arrive late. Often that communication includes extremely important information that your recipients either need for their records or you need in terms of payment. Not only will the late arrival of an anticipated document look bad in terms of brand perception, there are often penalties involved if expected content does not arrive promptly.

6. Ensure your documents are accessible
Know who you’re sending communications out to. 36,000 people in the UK are blind or partially-sighted, meaning 1 in 30 people will struggle to read the communications you’re sending them. Why not offer braille or large format versions of your documents to your customers instead?

Is your company giving your customers full choice as to how they read important documents? Improve response rates by increasing the amount of customer accessible channels. Do they want to be communicated with through print? Or, will some customers prefer an online view? As long as there are notification flags in the data, organisations that offer a document automation solutions will be able to split your data, meaning multi-channel, transactional communication becomes a breeze.

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