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More than ever, organisations are opting to outsource the print and mail of their customer, supplier and employee documents. In the printing industry these services are also known as Hybrid Mail. Hybrid Mail is a print and post application. You simply upload your pre-merged documents to an online portal, select document print and mail preferences and then send to be printed at a UK production facility.

Read our 6 benefits of Hybrid Mail to understand why you should join them.

1. No installation
Your can send documents through Hybrid Mail in minutes. No installation is required; just a username, password and an internet connection. The only installation (which is optional) is the print driver, so documents can be uploaded directly from desktop applications like Microsoft Word.

2. Low cost
You could save up to 60% on your office print and mailing costs. Hybrid Mail costs to print and post a single page A4 document can be less than the price of a second class stamp.

3. Save up to 400 hours a year
Receive the reward of time! Research conducted by Xerox estimates that it costs businesses up to 400 hours a year dealing with print related issues.

4. Easy to use
A document can be uploaded to Hybrid Mail and sent in just three simple steps. If you’re able to create a document for print then you can use Hybrid Mail. It’s that easy!

5. Branches
If you have multiple offices or locations, using Hybrid Mail will be a real benefit. Your can give departments access to certain documents and control who and what is sent out. Hybrid Mail puts control on everyday office documents.

6. Mailed same day
Documents uploaded by 4pm on a working day are printed and mailed the same day. This late production time gives you more time to prepare your documents and still have confidence they will be mailed.

Datagraphic’s document automation solution, Aceni, uses Hybrid Mail applications to print and post ad-hoc mailings. Learn more about Aceni here.