• Is there a minimum order value?

    No. We can print and post just one document or deliver one document online.

  • Is there a contract?

    Yes, but designed to your needs. The complexity of your project often defines the type and length of contract. For example a customer using Aceni to automate the printing of a hundred documents a month might opt for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ arrangement. But an Enterprise transmitting data for print and digital communications across many departments, might like the security of a 3 year contract.

  • What about license fees for using Aceni?

    There are no license fees, Aceni is Software-as-a-Service and you pay for each document you upload/print not per user or document viewed.

  • What are the costs for Aceni?

    We tailor Aceni pricing to your needs. Some customers spend just a few hundred pounds each year, others hundreds of thousands. A typical cost breakdown consists of:

    • A set-up and implementation fee
    • A monthly service charge: for data/documents hosted online, which covers hosting, maintenance and standard system upgrades
    • A document charge for every one we print and mail or that is uploaded online.

    There is no software to buy, consultancy fees to pay or hardware to purchase so the cost of set-up and ownership is very competitive.



  • Can you provide documents in other formats?

    Yes we produce large format documents and offer braille versions.

  • What level of visibility can you provide during production and when posted or online?

    Aceni offers options to track documents during the production and delivery processes and audit reports to help you with controls and compliance.

  • What levels of personalisation do you offer to improve engagement?

    Lots. Beyond standard contact details we can create dynamic documents in print and online that use different images, different blocks of content, varying enclosures. Our implementation experts can guide you through the options.

  • Can you mail my documents overseas?

    Yes. No problem.

    Overseas organisations sending mail to the UK can also benefit. Documents can be uploaded anywhere in the world for printing and mailing locally in the UK: saving time and money.

  • Can I send reports or long documents for you to print and post?

    Yes. We recommend;

    • Documents under 15 pages mail in C5 envelopes.
    • Documents of 16-79 pages mail in C4 envelopes.

    Documents 80 pages and over are packed as needed and sent by next day packet post or courier.

  • Can I supply letter head paper and envelopes for printed documents?

    Yes you can. We do however recommend our ‘white-paper’ solution. We print your letterhead and document content at the same time, so you no longer need expensive letter headed paper. This cuts your stationery expenditure and the cost to ship and store letterhead paper.

    You can supply envelopes with your return address on or we can use ours and manage the returns for you.

  • What documents can I send through Aceni?

    Our strength is delivering communications that are expected by your employees, customers or suppliers. These are documents, usually A4 in size, but not exclusively, that need to arrive by a given time. They contain personal, sensitive or transactional information so you need to entrust them to a supplier that is focused on data security and can deliver them quickly: online and by print and post. That’s us.

  • What support is available with Aceni?

    Lots. We’re very personable and at the end of the phone or email should you need us. Support is tailored to your project. We have dedicated account managers and experienced implementation teams to guide you at every stage. Features like live chat are also very popular with 98% of people getting answers to their questions and back to work in under 5 minutes.

  • How quickly can this be up and running?

    Days or weeks. If you have a simple print project and call today, you could be sending and saving with Aceni tomorrow. For projects that need a secure branded web portal and/or complex print projects with different configurations and enclosures, that needs longer to scope and deliver. In these cases we will always take time to understand your needs and provide an accurate timescale.

  • What is Aceni?

    Aceni is secure document automation. It enables you to automate, control and manage the production and distribution of time-critical customer and employee letters, via the channels of your choice: print and online.


  • Do you charge licence fees?

    No. You only pay for the documents you upload and print: not the number of people using Epay.

  • How much does Epay cost?

    Epay is not an out-of-the-box solution, it’s configured for your needs and budget, so we don’t have fixed prices. But to give you an idea of the costs and the savings that can be achieved we’ve provided real examples of Epay projects on our Epay Pricing page.

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