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Response Handling

Aceni Inbound Response Handling offers an efficient multichannel way to manage the full inbound cycle of your customer correspondences. This encompasses tasks such as mail receipt, sorting, preparation, scanning, digitalisation, and seamless integration with your current systems, effectively eliminating the necessity for manual data entry for you and your team.

We offer diverse response capture options for a variety of customer correspondence needs, whether they arrive as physical mail or through secure online forms generated from scanning QR codes or online links in emails.

Our solution distinguishes between various document types, reducing manual data entry and enhancing accuracy. We employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for efficient data capture.

Stringent quality control checks ensure data integrity, and automated quality controls optimise image quality without rescanning.

Flexible data delivery options include online repositories, email notifications, API, SFTP, or a custom format for seamless integration with your systems.

Additionally, we securely store original documents at our facility for an agreed period of time, simplifying queries and extraction. Afterward, documents are securely disposed of or transferred based on your preference.

Aceni Inbound Response Handling ensures secure, efficient, and precise incoming mail management, leading to significant time savings and enhanced data handling. Read a case study example.

Aceni Inbound Response Handling

Aceni Inbound Document Archiving


Aceni Inbound Archiving offers a hassle-free transition from physical paper documents to efficient, fully searchable digital records. Our process ensures that even hard-to-access paper files become easily indexed and text-searchable, empowering your teams to work with information instantly. Moreover, you can securely share these details with customers or partners.

We take security seriously, operating from ISO 27001 certified UK production centres and are EU and UK GDPR compliant. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for Data Protection, ensuring a trustworthy solution for your archiving needs such as invoices, contracts or A4-sized and A3-sized communications.

Following scanning and delivery, we offer the convenience of secure disposal for your paper-based files, retaining them securely at our centres for a minimum of 30 days post-scan before shredding. Your documents remain under constant surveillance through 24/7 CCTV, and all shredding is done on-site according to BS EN 15713:2009 standards.


With organisations embracing a blend of office and hybrid working structures, the demand for fast and secure access to incoming paper documents is more critical than ever.

Aceni Inbound Mailroom stands as the solution to the challenges faced when striving for efficient and streamlined workplaces.

We allocate a dedicated Business Reply Licence Number, guiding your incoming post to our state-of-the-art Scan Centre address. Here, our Aceni Experts meticulously sorts, opens, unfolds, and prepares your mail for scanning into text-searchable PDFs. There is also the option of adding a Business Reply Envelope (BRE) to your outbound mail.

Aceni Inbound Mailroom effortlessly accommodates documents of all types and sizes, from colour to black, up to A3.

To further enhance your experience, we provide custom reports in formats such as XLS, CSV, or TXT, making system integration a smooth and hassle-free process. This not only saves you time but also lightens the load of manual data entry.

Aceni Inbound Digital Mailroom

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