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Say ‘hello’ to the experts behind Datagraphic.

Here are the people helping our customers work smarter by bringing data from existing systems to life across multiple channels.

Aceni & Epay experts

Helping customers carefully consider and successfully scope their document automation projects.

Hollie Bullick - Datagraphic

Holly Bullick

Client Relationship Manager
Greg Burnham - Datagraphic

Greg Burnham

Product Manager
Paul Francis - Datagraphic

Paul Francis

Business Development Manager
Debbie Harold - Datagraphic

Debbie Harrold

Business Development Manager
Tracey Holloway - Datagraphic

Tracey Holloway

Implementation Consultant
John Ireson - Datagraphic

John Ireson

Business Development Manager
Lindsay Kirk - Datagraphic

Lindsay Kirk

Implementation Consultant
Michelle Martin - Datagraphic

Michelle Kelly

Client Services Manager
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Karensa Maton

Head of Products
Rachel Siddall - Datagraphic

Rachel Siddall

Sales Consultant

Gemma Tappenden

Solutions Consultant
Adele Tomlinson - Datagraphic

Adele Tomlinson

Business Development Manager
Lauren Walker - Datagraphic

Lauren Walker

Implementation Consultant

Service delivery experts

The channel champions guiding pragmatic techies and careful printers to deliver your documents.

Marc Giles - Datagraphic

Marc Giles

Production Manager
Matt Gray - Datagraphic

Matt Gray

Programming Manager
Pat Lee - Datagraphic

Pat Lee

Production Manager
Heeren Mistry - Datagraphic

Heeren Mistry

Quality Manager
Richard Thomas - Datagraphic

Richard Thomas

Web Developer

The senior management team

Leading Datagraphic and supporting the workforce to be customer champions, data guardians and operational experts.

Glyn King - Datagraphic

Glyn King

Group Managing Director
Robert Hoon - Datagraphic

Robert Hoon

Managing Director
Joanne Hawxwell - Datagraphic

Joanne Hawxwell

Business Manager
Sarah Butler - Datagraphic

Sarah Butler

General Manager
Peter Wells - Datagraphic

Peter Wells

Commercial Manager
Suzanne Beech - Datagraphic

Suzanne Beech

Marketing Director
Mike Green - Datagraphic

Mike Green

Chief Information Security Officer

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