Yorkshire Water Goes Greener with Epay

Yorkshire Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water. It operates more than 700 water and sewage treatment works and 120 reservoirs.

The payroll team communicate pay to 3,500 monthly-paid employees.

The Challenge

At Yorkshire Water, a strategic objective is to be more environmentally friendly. The payroll team wanted a payslip distribution solution that would be ‘greener’ than their existing process and one which would save time too.

Before working with Datagraphic, the payroll team printed on to three different types of payslip stationery from  their SAP software. Payslips often misprinted or jammed: resulting in an engineer call-out and work for payroll to check which payslip was missing.

Each month, 2000 of the payslips would be batched by depot. The facilities team would then deliver them and hand out. If an employee wasn’t in work, their payslip would be left at the depot. Lost or misplaced payslips often resulted in copy requests.

The payroll team needed a more efficient process that also worked towards their ‘green’ objective.

Datagraphic’s Epay application met this challenge.

Moving to epayslips has saved us time. When a member of our payroll team left we knew resources would be stretched, but removing in-house printing and distribution has made a big difference. I would recommend the Epay application to anyone.

Payroll Manager

Results Achieved

  • 48 days a year saved by the payroll and facilities team no longer preparing and handing out payslips
  • Hardware and consumable costs cut: no longer require maintenance for printer and sealer or to buy payroll stationery
  • Time saved, as no longer receive requests for copy documents
  • Paperless solution, working towards business environmental objective
Yorkshire Water