University of Salford deliver a 100% paperless service via Epay

The University of Salford is one of the largest organisations in the Greater Manchester region, offering a place of study and work to over 21,000 students and 2,500 staff across an extensive campus.


Before delivering online payslips to employees, the payroll team at the University of Salford used a printer and pressure seal machine in their office to produce over 3,000 pay forms a month. Not only was this manual process very time-consuming and costly (in terms of stationery and equipment maintenance), but the team relied heavily on a paper-based process.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the payroll team switched to working from home and it became impractical to provide paper payslips and P60s to their dispersed workforce. The move to online documents had been planned for a while, but the pandemic was the catalyst to force the change into action.

The payroll team needed a solution that could be implemented at speed in order to maintain a normal service for their staff.

The Solution

The payroll team at the University of Salford have a longstanding relationship with Datagraphic and their Account Manager reached out to them recognising working from home would present significant obstacles for the team.

It was through Datagraphic’s quick response and understanding of the University’s requirements that they were able to launch their secure online payslip portal, Epay, in a really short timeframe.

Presenting past and present payroll documents in one secure place, Epay offered a way for the University to quickly and easily deliver online payslips to all their staff.

As a result of automating the production and distribution of payslips and other pay documents, the payroll department now provides a 100% paperless service. All their processes and output are managed digitally and their reliance on office equipment has disappeared, allowing the team to complete all their work from home if needed.

“Our contact at Datagraphic was instrumental in the launch of epayslips. In addition to their excellent customer service, we benefited from their user-friendly platform, the assurance of their sound data security and varied accessibility.”

Sara Lee, Pay and Pensions Manager, University of Salford.

Key Benefits

The payroll team at the University of Salford have noticed several benefits since using Epay:

  • Almost one day saved every month in administration time by not having to print and sort payslips manually.
  • The payroll team now provides a 100% paperless service.
  • Employees receive their payslips much quicker through a user-friendly portal.
  • Multiple pay documents delivered online in one secure place: payslips & P60s. Plus the opportunity to add more documents to the portal when needed.

With the time saved, the payroll team have been able to focus on other important tasks, adding even more value to the University.

“The team at Datagraphic are so helpful and worked really hard to ensure we could provide our staff with their payslips and P60s within a limited timeframe.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services and products to anyone still to make the move and go paperless.”

Sara Lee, Pay and Pensions Manager, University of Salford.

University of Salford