St James’ Hospital Improves Accessibility with Epay

St James’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland serves a local population in excess of 200,000 people. As well as providing national and regional services, it’s the largest acute teaching hospital in Ireland.

The payroll team communicates pay fortnightly to approximately 5,000 people.

The Challenge

Before introducing Epay, powered by Datagraphic,  St James’s Hospital staff received printed payslips. Using SAP software, all preparation, production and distribution was done in house.

The existing process was neither cost nor time effective and the payroll team were struggling to deliver payslips on time due to workload demands: causing pressures and strains on internal resources.

The distribution system wasn’t effective, as there were often requests for copy payslips, creating more work for the team.

They needed a more effective solution that reduced internal processing time and kept sensitive employee data safe. It was also important for employees to quickly receive help with any queries they may have.

Datagraphic’s Epay application met this challenge.

Moving to Epay has allowed us to give our staff access to their payslips whenever and wherever they need them. We look forward to working with Datagraphic to  provide extra space for more useful employee information and links on the Epay portal.

Payroll Manager

Results Achieved

  • 100% of employees receiving epayslips with the option to access a print version
  • Employees able to view their pay information often days before pay day: enabling the payroll team to receive and process queries sooner
  • As the Epay application displays current and past payslips, in one place, the payroll team no longer spend time handling reprint requests
  • Busy hospital employees were difficult to reach with paper payslips on time. Epay is accessible around the clock from any internet enabled device
St James Hospital