ScotRail Takes Control with Epay

The ScotRail franchise – now being operated by Abellio – provides passenger train services in Scotland. 

Approximately 4,800 people work for the franchise who are paid in a single four weekly payroll.

The challenge

Before Epay, all employees received printed payslips: produced by ScotRail’s payroll bureau. The payslips would be despatched to delivery hubs and sorted by ScotRail staff, before being sent to employees.

Unfortunately, the distribution process wasn’t effective. In some areas, it was limited to once a week or would arrive after closing time: and have to be redelivered. Many employees were requesting copy payslips.

The payroll team began to question if their business process was compromising their legal duty to provide employees access to their payslip on or before pay date.

Internally hand sorting payslips was also a very resource intensive task. So, when ScotRail’s contract with their bureau came up for review, the payroll team began to investigate the option of epayslips.

They wanted to improve control of payslip distribution. To remove collating and distributing payslips from head office and at a local level, and to source a multi-channel Epay service that would print payslips for employees who didn’t ‘opt in’ to epayslips.

Datagraphic’s Epay application met the challenge.

Since moving to epayslips, we can release them to employees three days ahead of pay day and have an audit trail to show who has accessed the information, so our distribution process is much more controlled and secure.

Payroll Manager

Results achieved

  • 40% of employees opted for Epay on launch: more since mobile view available
  • Controlled and secure distribution process with audit trail
  • Reduction in payslip administration, with residual paper payslips produced efficiently at Datagraphic
  • Queries to the payroll team received sooner and addressed in advance of payday