Provident Financial Group deliver an improved employee experience via Epay

Provident Financial Group is a FTSE 250 company and a specialist financial lender for the 12 million UK adults not served by mainstream credit companies.

The payroll team at Provident Financial Group pay their 2300 employees monthly.


Before delivering online payslips to their employees, the Provident’s payroll team used to print and manually distribute payslips to employees. This time-consuming process took the team roughly two days every month.

The previous process for delivering payslips was an inefficient use of the payroll team’s time, and it also put a strain on other departments within the business that helped distribute the payslips.

The team needed a faster way of delivering payslips that were more secure and improved accessibility for all employees: office and field-based.

The Solution

Provident wanted a solution to deliver employee documents securely online that didn’t require a significant change project. Datagraphic’s Epay solution – a secure online payslip and employee communications portal – works with Provident’s existing payroll system and PDF data output, making the implementation process quicker and easier. 

Together, Provident’s payroll team and Datagraphic rolled out Epay one month before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Epay is a secure web-based solution, which means the payroll team can access the administration area of Epay from any internet-enabled device. So when the payroll team needed to work from home, there was no disruption to the delivery of payslips.

Epay provides a way for the payroll team to present online multiple pay documents (payslips, P11Ds and P60s) accessible on any device. So employees can view their documents at work, at home or on the go.

Key Benefits

The payroll team at Provident have noticed several benefits since using Epay:

  • Almost two days a month saved on processing and distributing payslips.
  • A reduction in the cost of distributing payslips.
  • Improved employee experience: employees can access their payslips, P11ds and P60s in one secure place from anywhere and anytime.
  • Fewer queries into the payroll team for re-issuing payslips.
  • The payroll team are no longer dependent on office equipment to distribute payslips and other employee documents.

With the time saved, the payroll team has focused on other important tasks, adding even more value to the business.

“Datagraphic were very responsive to our requests and feedback during the development and implementation process of Epay.

We received excellent service from the Epay team at all times.”

Karl Ashford, Senior HR Services Manager, Provident Financial Management Services Limited.

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