Rapid return-on-investment for Sodexo with Epay

Sodexo is the world’s largest services company, helping to improve quality of life for its clients in the public and private sectors.

In the UK and Ireland, Sodexo uses SAP software to process payroll for approximately 7,000 weekly paid and 27,000 monthly paid employees. 

The challenge

Before introducing Epay, employees received paper payslips. The volume of weekly and monthly paid employees meant providing paper payslips was costly: due to high printing costs and rising postage rates.

The payroll team found it very difficult to produce annual budgets as they didn’t know when Royal Mail would increase their postage and how much the increase would be.

Payslips batched and mailed to sites, would also be manually handed out to employees by managers. The payroll team faced pressure from employees when payslips got lost or misplaced. Extra time would have to be spent handling employee queries and organising reprints. Their payslip distribution process just wasn’t effective and they needed a solution to reduce costs and give the payroll team more flexibility.

They considered providing online payslips, but had initial concerns about employee access and security.

Datagraphic’s Epay application met this challenge.

Results achieved

  • Rapid return-on-investment and £160,000 annual saving.
  • Zero hours integration from SAP software: leading to fast implementation.
  • Increased employee visits to Sodexo’s reward platform: by enabling users to single sign-on to Epay through rewards.
  • Secure web-based portal that can be accessed 24 hours a day from any internet enabled device.
  • Same Epay application for eP60s.
  • Supports Sodexo’s ‘Better Tomorrow’ corporate environmental agenda.