Enfield Council deliver secure, simple and sustainable payslips via Epay

Enfield London Borough Council is a North London local authority representing and servicing the needs of a large and diverse population. It’s the largest employer in the borough, with over 8,000 staff.


Before delivering online payslips to employees, the payroll team at the Enfield Council delivered paper payslips to all their employees.

Payslips were printed offsite and delivered in bulk to schools and establishments or posted to home addresses. The manual process of printing and posting payslips created extra demand for the payroll team, who had to handle a high volume of requests for copies of misplaced or lost payslips.

Enfield Council aims to become a carbon-neutral organisation within the next decade, and the printing of payslips did not support this goal.

With staff in dispersed locations, the payroll team needed a solution that provided employees with a secure, simple and sustainable way of accessing their pay documents online.

The Solution

Enfield Council chose Datagraphic’s Epay solution to automate the production and distribution of online payslips.

Presenting past and present payroll documents in one secure place, Epay provided a way for the Council to quickly and easily deliver online payslips to all their staff: at work, at home or on the go.

The security of employee data was vital for the Council. Epay is fiercely protected. Employees have the option to sign in using a two-step login and multi-factor authentication.

Key Benefits

The payroll team at Enfield Council have noticed several benefits since using Epay:

  • 80% of employees have opted to receive online payslips, reducing paper usage and helping to reach the Council’s target of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030.
  • A reduction in missing payslip queries means the payroll team can focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Multiple pay documents are delivered online in one secure place: payslips, P60s and P45s. Plus, the opportunity to add more documents to the portal when needed.
  • Improved engagement and communication with employees. Using the portal as a communication hub to share company documents and policies.

With the time saved, the payroll team has focused on other important tasks, adding even more value to the Council.

“The team at Datagraphic and the customer service we received was nothing but professional, timely, attentive and knowledgeable.

When we’ve suggested any changes to our Epay portal they have always been implemented where possible. Excellent service all around

Chris Dust, Payroll Manager, Enfield Council.

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