Dale Farm saves time with digital payslip distribution

Employing over 1,200 people across the UK and Ireland, Dale Farm is one of the most expansive dairy companies in the UK.


Dale Farm is a specialist at every step of the food chain. From animal feed to collecting milk from farms and processing products to store distributing products to over 40 countries. 

As a result, the workforce is varied and dispersed.

Before using Epay, the payslip process was rather cumbersome. There are many different locations, using a method of posting and distributing at the factory sites and offices.

The task of printing and distributing payslips was very labour-intensive for the payroll team, which took at least half a day to complete. On-site managers then needed to find extra time to distribute payslips to their team members. 

Each manager would have their own process to complete the task, which meant varying levels of consistency and efficiency across the organisation.

The solution

Dale Farm moved to the Epay platform in July 2021 and uses it to upload around 3-4000 payroll documents each month.

Heather McCoubrey, Senior Systems Analyst, shared how the digital payslip distribution solution has transformed their monthly payroll tasks.

“Now all payslips are added to a single location – in minutes rather than hours. We have very little paper and posting costs now, only posting to a handful of employees without a computer or mobile access.

Each employee now receives a notification that their payslip is ready to view at the same time as everyone else, eliminating the time managers had spent distributing the payslips at sites.”

Dale Farm also uses the platform to communicate other information, such as major disruption to employees’ pay, or to explain any government ruling which may affect them. In doing so, the payroll function can communicate directly with employees instead of relying on managers to notify teams.

Key benefits

The team at Dale Farm have noticed several benefits since using Epay for digital payslip distribution:

  • The payroll function can quickly and easily upload information, saving half a day each month by automating the distribution of payslips.
  • No extra time is required for on-site managers to deliver payslips manually.
  • Dale Farm expects to save £000s compared to the previously manual processes.
  • Users can view all their payslips in a single user-friendly dashboard at any time, log in, and navigate and download what they need when required.
  • The portal facilitates a much more streamlined and efficient process.

“Overall, Epay is an excellent application that has completely streamlined our payslip process. We would highly recommend it.”

Heather McCoubrey, Senior Systems Analyst, Dale Farm

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