Butcher’s Pet Care deliver payslips in minutes via Epay

Butcher’s Pet Care is a UK-based, family-owned pet food business specialising in naturally nourishing food for dogs and cats.

The payroll team at Butcher’s Pet Care pay their 353 employees on a weekly and monthly basis.


Before delivering online payslips to their employees, Butcher’s Pet Care used to print and fold payslips manually. Then two separate, very time-consuming processes followed:

  • First, payslips were sorted, grouped and distributed on-site
  • Second, payslips were posted to employees

They needed a solution that saved them time whilst also improving the employee experience.

The Solution

Butcher’s Pet Care had a strong working relationship with Datagraphic already. Datagraphic supplied Butcher’s with payslips and P60 stationery. They knew of Datagraphic’s online payslip solution, Epay, and asked for a demonstration.

A secure online portal that presents past and present payroll documents in one place, Epay offered a way for Butcher’s to quickly and easily deliver online payslips to all their employees.

Working with their existing payroll software, IFS, the payroll team simply transferred the payroll data to Epay and digitally delivered payslips in just a few minutes for employees to access immediately.

Key Benefits

The payroll team at Butcher’s Pet Care have noticed several benefits since using Epay:

  • Almost one day per month saved on administration time: payslip process and delivery now only takes a few minutes.
  • Fewer queries into the payroll team for re-issuing payslips
  • Easy access for both the payroll team and employees
  • The opportunity to add other payroll documents to their online portal (P60s, P11Ds, P45s) at their own pace.

With the time saved, the payroll team have been able to focus on other important tasks, adding even more value to the business.

“Epay is honestly the best thing since sliced bread! It has reduced a very laborious task to only a few minutes, and I cannot believe we didn’t do it years ago! Greetings from a very happy customer.

We had a good working relationship with Datagraphic already, ordering our payroll stationery from them. We approached them with the intention of reviewing a few more providers, but we really liked what Datagraphic showed us and they had a very professional approach so we went with their offer. They could answer all our questions about security and ease of access. Plus they were always available throughout the process to help us out.”

Mirjam Evans, Payroll Manager, Butcher’s Pet Care.