Building a career at Datagraphic

PhotoRoom Team leaders Gene Lucy

As a leading UK document automation company, it’s our vision to help liberate the working lives of our clients with innovative, secure and sustainable ways to automate and deliver their time-critical communications.

And it remains the same within the business. We aim to elevate and allow our employees to excel within their roles and as people.

We support individuals who are passionate about the business and want to progress in their careers.

We spoke to Gene and Lucy, our new Team leaders, about their recent promotions at Datagraphic and what it’s like to work here.

Lucy joined the Datagraphic team 16 years ago and has gained experience across several different roles. Learning every aspect of production.

From her early days in the mailing room through to more recent times operating our state of the art inkjet printers.

We asked Lucy what she has enjoyed about working here;


Lucy Team leader role

“The best part is working with and getting to know a range of people. They’re all so kind”.

“I have learnt so much, and being able to help people now, because of that, is a great feeling.

I considered applying for the role as I felt the team and I shared a mutual respect that would allow me to help and support them in their roles effectively. I also felt that I had gained enough experience to confidently handle the variety of production tasks we process every day.”


In contrast to Lucy’s long service, Gene is a relative newcomer to Datagraphic. Gene joined us in 2019 and began in sortation. Since then, he has experienced handling sensitive communications, and operating enclosing lines and printers has driven Gene’s interest in the industry.
Gene says;

Gene Team leader role“I always felt that I could get a future out of Datagraphic, a career. And that’s something I’d never felt with previous employees”.

In a short space of time, I had the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of the team and the work that we do.

To my surprise, I was able to progress in a much shorter time and apply for the team leader role. I am prepared to step into the role and think I will grow into it over time, with the help and support of the team.”



We wish Lucy and Gene all the best and look forward to working with them in their new roles.