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Sharing personal data with a third party processor(s)?

Datagraphic’s Chief Information Security Officer –  Mike Green – delivers a series of 60 second videos sharing questions you’ll want to ask when validating a vendor.

Watch the videos below.

How to check your vendor’s credentials

It’s vital to check the credentials of your vendor, especially ISO 27001 when you are using the third-party for personal data processing.

Understanding who is processing your data

It’s easy to assume your third-party vendor will be the only organisation handling your data, but who’s really involved in the process?

Is data security a culture or a department?

Do you know if your chosen vendor trains their staff in data security and do they control who accesses your data?

Reducing the risk of a data breach

A data breach is something no organisation wants to happen to them. Do you know the measures your vendor takes to protect your data?

How to securely transfer data

Is your personal data protected as it is transferred to your vendor? Here’s some best practice advice for transferring data securely.

Business continuity: ready for plan B?

No one likes to think a disaster will occur but it’s always best to be prepared. How will your vendor’s processes stand up if something goes wrong?

Download the free white paper

Since the introduction of the GDPR, you’ll likely to be frequently reviewing the suppliers you use for printing or presenting personal data online.

Our free white paper, written by Datagraphic’s Chief Information Security Officer – Mike Green –  will provide you with the six core questions you need to be asking a potential vendor: so you can make an informed decision about who you select to share personal data with.

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