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You’ve got a great employee communications hub in Epay, with past and present pay-related documents in one place. But how do you get more of your workforce to use it?

We’ve put together five top tips for getting more employees accessing Epay on a regular basis:

Tip 1 – Communication of Epay is key

We cannot express how important communication is for getting employees to use Epay. If employees don’t know about the great benefits Epay can provide they’re unlikely to be engaged with the documents you present online.

Initial communication about the move from paper payslips to online payslips is vital, but why stop there? Regular reminders and ‘refresher’ demos of how to use Epay might be useful to old and new users. The more you promote Epay and share useful, important information on the portal, the more employees will login and engage with the information you share.

Tip 2 – Promote a mobile app style experience

Epay is mobile optimised and the website address can be saved as a shortcut on any mobile device home screen. This makes it look like an app. So the next time an employee want’s to quickly access their pay information wherever they are, they can just tap the Epay tile on their home screen and go straight to the login page. We’ve created videos for you to share with employees on how to save a shortcut for iPhones and Samsungs.

Tip 3 – Send important employee updates on Messages

The Messages widget on the Epay dashboard is a great way to communicate important updates to employees. By regularly updating this section employees will login more frequently to keep up to date with the information you have to share. Also, did you know Epay provides two-way communication? You can share important information with employees and instantly receive their feedback.

Tip 4 – Create an online employee resource hub

Do you use the Company Docs feature on Epay? This free feature is available for all Epay clients. You can upload up to 20 generic documents for all employees to see (you can remove and add documents at any time). Epay can be an employee’s communication and resource hub where they can access not only documents that are personal to them, but also company-wide documents such as policies and handbooks. Why not share your social media policy, maternity/paternity policy, holiday policy and more for them to access whenever they need to, whether that be at work, home or on-the-go?

Tip 5 – Provide more than just payslips online

If you only use Epay to deliver payslips online, it’s likely employees will only login around pay day. By using Epay to present other payroll and HR documents online – in one secure place – employees will login more frequently to see the important documents and communications you’re sharing. And these don’t have to be static PDF documents. Epay is able to present information differently, using video and interactive graphs/tables. Other document examples you could be presenting on Epay include:

      • P60s
      • P45s
      • P11Ds
      • Timesheets
      • Reward statements
      • Bonus letters
      • Pension letters

Best practice examples from Epay clients

We’ve spoken with some Epay clients and the ones having most success getting employees to regularly login to Epay are those that have spent time communicating the benefits of Epay and making sure employees know how to easily access it.

Here are just a few examples some of our Epay clients have tried:

  • Demo drive: employee engagement sessions around all office and depot locations, demonstrating how to login, view their latest documents, update their personal details and save/download documents for their own reference if needed.
  • Employee advocates: we often use a product or service based on someone else’s recommendations. So a particular client asked employees from different departments, stores and office locations to champion Epay and the benefits of using it to other employees, which worked really well.
  • Drop-in sessions: one client provided monthly drop-in sessions (after pay day) for employees who had problems logging in or had questions about their pay. Now employees are comfortable using Epay, the payroll team have reduced the drop-in sessions to quarterly events.

Tools to help you promote Epay

If you need any support in promoting Epay to employees then we’ve got you covered. We have put together a library of free resources for our Epay clients to use. This includes:

  • Posters
  • Videos
  • Email templates
  • Letter templates
  • FAQs

Just let us know if you need any help and would like access to these resources.