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Test your knowledge in our sustainability quiz.

We are passionate about adopting sustainable practices and being a responsible business. In doing so, we have made great progress in our roadmap to reduce the climate impact of our operations.

To name only a few of our achievements:

Leading the way for our industry

Datagraphic has big ambitions to play a pivotal role in shaping how clients and suppliers address environmental concerns. That’s why our sustainable approach is fundamental to measuring, managing and approving every step of our operations. We want to make sure Datagraphic can provide a product that our clients value and that is sustainable for the future.

sustainability roadmap

By leading the way for our industry and welcoming collaboration to tackle the environmental, social, and economic well-being of our planet, we can keep pushing the envelope.

Read about sustainability at Datagraphic.

Test your knowledge of Datagraphic’s strategy

To test what you know about how Datagraphic is reducing its climate impact, have a go at our sustainability quiz below.

If you need a clue, visit our sustainability pages to find the answers.


Sustainability quiz

Answer these 10 questions to test what you know about how Datagraphic is working to reduce climate impact.

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By what year has Datagraphic pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%?

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What % of our company car fleet are EV or hybrid?

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On weekends, we turn the solar panels off.

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In addition to Datagraphic, how many UK SMEs in our industry have net-zero targets approved and validated by the SBTi?

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There are 17 UN SDGs, and Datagraphic works hard to align business operations closely. What does SDG stand for?

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When did Datagraphic begin focusing on its energy efficiency strategy?

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Datagraphic has achieved ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards.

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We donate waste paper and cardboard to local schools, playgroups, art galleries and other deserving causes.

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We have had our C02 emissions approved and validated by the SBTi, but what does that stand for?

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How many solar panels are installed on the roof of the Rugby site?

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