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Datagraphic is proud to support ClimateCare and Relief International’s Gyapa™ Cookstoves project, which has reached a huge milestone: cutting four million tonnes of CO₂ over 10 years.

People don’t automatically think that changing how communities cook can have such a dramatic impact on our climate. Not only is this project saving people in Ghana millions of dollars every year, it’s cutting as much carbon as taking over 860,000 cars off the road for a year.

This world-leading project provides clean, efficient cookstoves to families in Ghana. Each efficient stove uses just half the fuel of traditional alternatives, which not only cuts carbon emissions and reduces local deforestation, but also saves families money.

The average Gyapa™ stove user saves over $100 a year on fuel bills – a collective saving of over $165 million for families across Ghana so far. Savings that families use for school fees, healthier food, and medicine.

…it’s cutting as much carbon as taking over 860,000 cars off the road for a year.

Datagraphic Sustainability Gyapa Metalworker
Gyapa metalworker preparing a cookstove.

“This is a highly successful and effective carbon reduction project that also delivers real benefits for local communities through increased employment and cleaner, cheaper, more effective cooking.” Says Margaret Kim CEO of Gold Standard, the standard under which the project and its climate and development benefits have been certified.

Datagraphic is a Climate Aware company, continuously seeking and implementing ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Supporting successful projects like the Gyapa™ Cookstoves through ClimateCare is helping us offset currently unavoidable emissions to deliver a positive outcome.