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Datagraphic has been helping payroll teams having difficulty printing and posting payslips during COVID-19. Here’s a short video explaining what we’re recommending to quickly and securely print and post payslips to employees from wherever you are.

As key workers, payroll teams are facing a very challenging time. You’re trying to understand the changing legislation of SSP and furloughing workers, all whilst trying to juggle normal payroll and year end duties to make sure people are getting the correct pay on time.

But for employees, it’s never been more important for them to receive their payslip and check that their pay is correct. Especially as for many this might be their first payslip whilst being furloughed.

In some cases we’ve seen some payroll teams having to make the difficult decision not to send a payslip whilst they try and find a way of working through these unprecedented times.

For organisations that deliver payslips online to 100% of their employees, payslip delivery hasn’t been an issue. But as the recent CIPP payslip statistic report highlighted, 40% of organisations still print payslips.

For those coming to us with the problem of printing payslips, we’ve been recommending they use our secure online portal, Epay, to automate the print.

Using automation technology, Epay can recognise from the employee data which payslips need printing and which payslips should be presented online.

Here’s how:

  • Securely transfer or upload your data file from your existing payroll system in to the Epay portal
  • Check the pay totals are correct, and approve for distribution
  • Epay then automatically checks the file for those payslips that need to be printed
  • Payslips are then printed at our secure UK production facility and can be posted to home addresses

It’s important to highlight this method provides a secure way of transferring data and delivering payslips. We’ve spoken to people who have considered emailing payslips until some ‘normal working’ resumes, but as discussed in a recent article – emailing payslips to employees during a crisis – we really don’t recommend this due to the data security implications it can have.

By using Epay to print payslips, not only are you able to deliver payslips to employees securely and quickly, but the work has been done for you to easily switch to online payslips when you’re ready to.

I also want to reassure you that here at Datagraphic we are still working. We have put careful measures in place at our production facility, which means we can still produce important and critical documents for payroll, the NHS, banks and other key industries.

I hope this has been helpful and if you’d like to discuss anything I’ve mentioned in more detail then please do not hesitate to get in touch.