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Printing and posting patient communications during the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult.

Working with our patient communications partner, PSL Print Management, and healthcare clients, we’re providing practical support to make life a little easier.

Here’s a recent request we received from a Health Board:

“In the current situation, there’s a lot of advice and new tools we need to give patients. Should we print an extra leaflet and post it with our existing letters?”

Their document distribution challenge

The Health Board needed to:

  • quickly print and post new advice to patients
  • make sure the advice goes out consistently to just the patients that need it
  • print the advice in different languages
  • update the advice as it changes to give patients the correct information
  • control spending, avoiding waste by not printing leaflets that could be outdated before distribution

Our answer – Aceni letter Onserts

The Health Board’s daily patient appointment letters are set-up to print and post through Aceni’s document production hub, Engage. Our product team suggested the Health Board upload the new advice as a PDF to Engage’s library of enclosures.

Our team then set-up a new rule to tell Engage to print the extra advice on A4 sheets of paper and enclose it with patient letters (as an Onsert). Engage then selects which patients, or clinics, need the new advice, before printing on-demand and posting with the patient letters. The production and distribution all then taking place at our GDPR compliant UK printing facility.

As the advice changes, the team replace the file in the library, knowing accurate information then goes out the same day.

The result

Now the Health Board can be confident, up-to-date COVID-19 advice is going out to the right patients. And they don’t worry about staff remembering to include it.

They don’t need to hold leaflet stocks and the Onsert cost is a fraction of the price it would cost to print and post separate leaflets.