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Last year, HMRC announced they would no longer provide blank P60 and P45 stationery. So what are your options for 2021/2022 and beyond?

In March 2020, HMRC said they were no longer providing the facility to order blank P60 and P45 forms online. Instead, employers are expected to print or issue their own digital P60 stationery. However, organisations that are exempt from operating their payroll online can still order them through the HMRC’s Employers Helpline.

Even though HMRC are no longer providing blank stationery, there are other options available that the team here at Datagraphic can help you with. So what are your options?

1. P60 Stationery

There are trusted suppliers, like Datagraphic, that can provide self-seal, laser and pressure-seal HMRC approved P60 stationery. Stationery comes blank, in-stock designs or can be personalised with your organisation branding and postage marks. We also offer dual-language P60s.

P60 Stationery Offer

If you’re not sure which P60 stationery you need, our experts have the industry knowledge to guide you to the right solutions, so please get in touch.

2. P60s printed and mailed to home addresses

How to do more with your documents

Even though many workplaces have returned to the office, you may still be working under different circumstances (such as working from home) and you don’t have access to the resources you need to print and post P60s. But this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to provide excellent service to employees.

Powered by Datagraphic, Aceni is our GDPR compliant online print and post service, which you only need a computer and connection to the internet to use. You can send P60s and other payroll documents to employees wherever you need to work.

We can also supply P60s in large or braille format for employees with visual impairments.

If you’d like to learn more about how Aceni can help you print and post P60s, then please get in touch.

3. P60s delivered online

Online employee documents Epay

One of the reasons why HMRC have stopped providing blank P60 stationery is to encourage employers to supply them digitally to employees. Could this be your opportunity to start delivering P60s online?

There are many digital options available to you, such as email, an intranet, or a secure online portal. But make sure you find:

  • A digital solution that is secure and protects employee data.
  • A digital solution where all employees – temporary, remote, student and pensioners – can access and connect to it wherever they are based.
  • A digital solution that works with your existing data and systems
  • A digital solution that delivers a complete employee experience.
  • A digital solution that can provide multi-channel options: online and print

Epay by Datagraphic is a secure online payslip and P60 portal. Without changing your payroll software, turn employee data into digital payslips, P60s and P45s your workforce can access anytime, anywhere from any device.

Get in touch now to deliver P60s for 2021/22 digitally.