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To email or not to email: that really is the question.

2017 saw 269 billion emails sent around the world. There is no denying that email is quick, easy and convenient. But with stricter legislation and a society that is becoming very protective (and rightly so) over their own personal data, can you really trust email as a secure mechanism for data transfer? how secure is email?

New regulations, such as the GDPR, promote the privacy and appropriate collection, management and storage of personal information. As an organisation that communicates data to customers or employees, it’s your duty of care to minimise the opportunities for data to be seen by the wrong people or have an impact on someone’s privacy.

The channels you currently use to communicate personal data need to be analysed in terms of their security. And because email is so widely used, we thought we’d give you a head-start.

Our data gurus have developed an infographic below which walks you through the journey that an email takes, highlighting the numerous pitfalls along the way. How secure is email? You can learn more about our take on email security and what you should consider before hitting that send button by visiting our email security page.

Is email secure - infographic - Aceni