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At Datagraphic, we believe it’s important to provide our team with the right resources and opportunities to support their health and wellbeing.¬†We support employees through learning and spreading awareness.

We have colleagues who have attained the Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health certification, which we renew every three years.

Mental health training has allowed us to implement new methods and develop our support system. For example, all line managers are first aid qualified to support employees who need it. And our health and wellbeing strategy scales across the business, from helplines to one-on-one support.

At Datagraphic, we recognise employees face challenges inside and outside their working day. So building a positive mental health culture is essential to helping colleagues communicate their needs and work through any problems.

Our current health and wellbeing programme includes:

  • Regular open conversation about eliminating the stigma
  • Acknowledging critical mental health days and spreading awareness
  • Having trained staff on-site, ready to provide immediate support
  • Visible access to resources and helplines around the site for private support
  • Cross-training for employees to allow others time off whenever they need it
  • A free 24-hour confidential, anonymous helpline for employees
  • Rotating isolated job roles throughout the day to encourage social interaction


Mental health and wellbeing