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Employee characteristics have changed. Thanks to technology and the Internet, employees no longer work fixed hours, use company resources or are satisfied with one option. Many employees now work flexible hours, from anywhere in the world and want a choice. Payroll teams are having to adapt the way they deliver payslips and other pay documents to adhere to the changing needs of their employees.

Payroll teams can choose to present epayslips in a number of ways, for example:

  • Email
    • Attachment
    • Embed
    • Web link
  • Mobile App
  • Online portal (mobile optimised)

Email is the most universal method of online communication but there have been questions raised about security when sending email attachments. Payslips and other pay documents contain sensitive and personal information, and employers need to take responsibility of presenting payslips securely. Therefore, we will not discuss email as a way to deliver epayslips.

The pros and cons of an app

Experts are emphasising the importance of companies having a ‘mobile-first’ outlook, not only for their products and services but for their communications too, many payroll teams choose to present epayslips through a mobile app.


  • Employees who own a smartphone or tablet can access their pay information quickly at the touch of their fingertips
  • Employees who own a smartphone or tablet can access their pay information from anywhere, at work, home or on-the-go


  • An alternative delivery option is needed for employees who want to access epayslips on a PC, laptop or non-mobile device
  • Apps would need to be compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets
  • Regular changes needed to adhere to mobile software updates that occur on a regular basis

The pros and cons of an online portal

To successfully deliver epayslips through an online portal, it must be mobile compatible, as well as having a secure https web address and strict access, such as username, passwords and security questions, to enter the site.


  • Employees with any internet enabled device can access their pay information
  • Employees can view their pay information on any internet enabled device at work, home or on-the-go
  • Web link can be saved to a mobile home screen as a shortcut, which looks like an app


  • Employees need Internet access to view epayslips
  • Portal needs to be compatible with different internet browsers

Whether you choose to provide epayslips through an app or online portal, you need to make sure it is secure, and that epayslips are available to view anytime, anywhere. You will also need to consider print options for employees who have no internet access.

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