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We are proud to announce that both our sites in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and Rugby, Warwickshire are now using 100% renewable energy via green energy providers.

As a software company and outbound mail production facility,  we’re conscious of the energy and resources we use daily to host digital communications and to print and mail documents.

Our focus is clear that we must not only make our immediate activities as sustainable as we can, we must reduce our carbon footprint and help to save the planet in the longer term.

After seeing Sir David Attenborough’s documentary – A Life On Our Planet – on Netflix recently, his words,If we act now, we can yet put it right’ make us even more determined to become a carbon neutral business. 


Joanne Hawxwell, Business Manager & Head of Sustainability at Datagraphic, says:

”Our Chesterfield site has been using 100% green energy for just over 12 months.DG Staff Joanne Hawxwell But due to contractual obligations we’ve had to wait before switching to a renewable energy provider at Rugby. As you can imagine, we were very eager to change and make contributions in the right direction. But we aren’t done! Using 100% green energy providers is simply one step in a range of actions that we’re taking to work sustainably, on a corporate level and to promote a cleaner, healthier environment for the future.”

Learn more about our sustainable practices here at Datagraphic.