Features & benefits

Easy to use, 24/7 access and secure: what you need from an employee comms application and more.

Here are some features & benefits that make Epay by Datagraphic stand apart.

Features and Benefits | Datagraphic

Features that make Epay special

  • Your portal, your brand

    When it comes to building employee trust in your new Epay portal, a familiar name is key. So, we always brand each portal to fit your company identity.

  • Think mobile-first

    Most employees now reach for their mobile first, so we have optimised Epay to provide the best experience on all devices.

  • Superior security

    Epay is fiercely protected and we’re fanatical about the security of employee data. With a two-level login process and strict administrator access, Epay is secured by strong defences.

  • Bring employee data to life

    Epay makes good use of data from your existing payroll and HCM systems, turning meaningless numbers and text in to interactive dashboards, documents and videos your employees understand.

  • Two-way communication

    Epay provides two-way communication, so you can share important information with employees and instantly receive their feedback.

  • Automated multi-channel delivery

    Be digital first, not digital exclusive. Whilst we impress many employees with Epay’s 24/7 digital experience, a percentage of your workforce will still need printed documents. No problem. You provide one set of data for Epay, we check who needs print and we deliver it.

  • Reports to add strategic value

    Once your employee document processing is automated with Epay, in the time saved we can work together to create the reports you need to add strategic value.

Benefits Epay delivers

  • No license fees

    Yes, you did read that right. Epay’s pricing model, has a sensible and simple structure based on documents you upload and print: not the number of people using Epay.

  • An early ROI

    With Epay there are no lengthy software change projects and no capital costs, so you can be up and running in weeks and seeing results in as little as 4 months.

  • IT light

    Epay works with your existing payroll and HCM systems no software changes needed. You can be ready to deliver great multi-channel employee communications in weeks and to receive the latest updates automatically as they become available.

  • Digitally inclusive

    Epay can be accessed at home, work or on the go, so you can deliver digital documents for everyone, from temporary workers and employees to your pensioner community.

  • A great employee experience

    Epay gives employees access to all the documents they need in one secure place. And allows your team to share company documents and answer employee questions in a fast and efficient way.

  • Print and online automated

    Epay can cut the time you spend on manual and repetitive employee document processes by 98%. Time you’ll be free to use on more meaningful work.

  • Expert support

    Epay is powered by Datagraphic’s highly knowledgeable technical experts, ready to support you at every stage of your employee communications journey.

Epay is easy to implement

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